Are Eggs Really Bad For You?

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A lot of dieticians/food YouTubers who are mostly self-acclaimed doctors make a lot of money on YouTube talking about what to eat and what not to eat. Why? Diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) are mostly caused by eating or binge eating some of the most toxic foods for the body. However, a lot of them mostly overdo it.

For example, a YouTube dietician might upload a video about some type of food that people shouldn't eat, not because that food is actually bad but because they want to earn those sweet dollars you earn on YouTube by using clickbait in their titles to earn millions of views. For example "Eating eggs might cause you cancer" Now 80% of the people who would click to watch might know that the things said in the video aren't true, but they'll go ahead to click anyways because they'll mainly be curious and not because they believe in the video.

In reality, some of the things we eat are toxic, but when we eat them in moderation the body will tolerate them. But a little bit excessive and the body begins to react. The only thing that the body doesn't need even in moderation is alcohol. Now, the elephant in the room: eggs. Now it's been touted that plant proteins are better than animal protein, this isn't true, but then animal protein taken in moderation is a fantastic way to get the necessary vitamins and minerals that the boys need. Egg is animal protein, but it's always been proven that it's better than eating red meat.

It's surprising, but then there are people who have eaten at least two eggs for 50 years, and yet their liver and vitals are good and healthy. So, eggs are very good for the body, it's doesn't contain as much LDL cholesterol as it was always thought. The cholesterol in eggs is good, unlike the kind of cholesterol you'll find in fatty meat or shawarma for example. One of the things I've done is increase my intake of eggs and reduce my intake of meat.

In moderation, three pieces of medium-sized meat per day is okay, and something over that might cause liver disease and worsen kidney function if you already have kidney disease. So in the long run, binge eating red meat is bad for the body even if it isn't the same for eggs. Eggs have good cholesterol and eating it in moderation for decades will not harm the body.

However, we'd had YouTube dieticians who are going to are always going to post erroneous information about eggs, just because of the money they stand to earn from YouTube, afterall misinformation is always popular and sells well.

So in the pictures, I have a dish of yam and eggs, with tomatoes, onions, vegetable oil, rosemary, and ginger. It's not a difficult dish to prepare. Yam is native to Africa and rich in carbs and fiber. It's better to eat carbs with fiber because fiber makes carbs more usable for the body. Eggs are mainly protein and tomatoes and Ginger and great antioxidants, especially for the red blood cells.

What I tried to do is to also eat my yam in a porridge format with lots of vegetables. I still eat red meat but for a while now I have more goat meat instead, more eggs, and less beef (don't think I've eaten beef in weeks) I still maintain my consumption of eggs and eat them with tomato sauce or boiled with rice. What do you think of the pictures?

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