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An epic title to this post, but of course Luke 6:38, creates an even bigger financial perspective on mutualism than you know of

When I was younger, I learned all about joint partnership, it was an economic system that looked profitable on the surface because collective investment efforts have increased chances to do better in the right scheme of things and the right financial environment.

However, it is always a weakened human factor. This means beyond the money and profit, people are the ones that grow a business, and no matter how good a business prospect is, it's likely to be weakened by diversity in the agendas of people who are supposed to be building collectively to establish growth.

I know of joint partnerships that have failed due to people having different motives that don't directly impact the business they're vested in but rather positively.

This is because human factors like greed and over-ambitiousness often truncate growth


It boils down to the foundation. We tend to forget that money doesn't matter, people are what does. We emphasize money, forgetting that money is what people make of it.

People are the foundation, the instrument we vest to establish a principle of value that should eventually yield dividends, but no matter how solid our goals are, when the people we've built them around aren't solid, it becomes harder.

It's like betting money on the wrong merchandise, the amount of money we've vested can never "right' the "wrong". It is also the same way we cannot build a solid plan, business idea, or breathtaking concepts with the wrong people and this is because the people we choose to build with are a component of our success or failure.

Building On Broken Foundation

They're the aspect of our business propositions that we label "unforeseen circumstances" and since we depend on them to handle the areas that are unreachable by our standards, their failure eventually nullifies the area where we might succeed.

A lot of times, we try to build things around other things that are broken, forgetting that just a small crack can bring everything thumbing down. I'm always emphasizing the right people because they're the foundation we'd need to even build. Let's take this away a little bit from business.

Marriage is another form of joint partnership. A lot of people out there marry for the wrong reasons, this is why there's the negative perspective that being married is financially depleting. While being wedded might be depleting for a short period, marriage on the other hand isn't supposed to be.

People forget that being married should even create a bigger avenue because we now have two people planning together to improve their finances while they spend and make money collectively.

However, a lot of African marriages are parasitic, that is, total dependence on either one of the gender for providence

This means that with a parasitic nature to this joint venture, the one providing the money is now outweighed by the extra expense, making them poorer overtime without them noticing it. However, when expenditures, financial commitment, and responsibilities increase and it's being met by an increase in finance, there's the possibility for stability, while growth can happen too.

It's a no-brainer, we have to tap into the principle of symbioticness, if we ever want to be achievers in life.

This is why I'm always more focused on building the right kind of commitment with diverse kinds of people. With the right people in different places, there's the possibility of collective effort. One thing people underrate about collective efforts is that they don't have to contribute as much as they would if they're doing so as a singular entity, but they'll enjoy collective dividends far more than when they're putting in efforts as a singular entity.

In whatever union we're forming in life, there's the need to create a conglomerate of people where each individual is adding the same or slightly different forms of value because sometimes it's not how much we have, that takes us far. Investing in People comes with its type of ROI, but we hardly know especially when it's the wrong people.

Value For Value

While we cannot expect the same corresponding value from people who have enjoyed a certain kind of Value from us at a certain time, there's nothing that brings ease especially when we know that we're vesting in people that can bring a certain APR even when we're sleeping.

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