Is it Easy To Make Money?

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Sometimes people choose complex ways to explain simple things and vice versa and in so doing we tend to bastardize and underrate the concept of due process. We're not perfect, far from it.

But most of the time, we find it difficult to showcase the imperfect side of us and this is probably because we're scared or ashamed of struggling, looking unfulfilled, or embodying difficulties.

In the process of trying to show that we can do "difficult things" the easy way, we've totally scrapped or created the mindset that difficult things are only for a few who choose to.

One of the things people try to show ease with is money. The sophistication of the internet helps sells aggrandizing belief that making money is easy.

Making money has indeed become easier over time, we, however, cannot hasten the process or remove the concept of work, which is the main thing.

But why do others try to prove that difficult things can be easy?

One of the reasons is to sell a concept, a product, a service, or make money themselves.

When people try to sell something, they have to create a generally different ideology, a market strategy for them to make money themselves.

Selling A Concept

For example, we all know sports betting can be very complicated, but the people who advertise it show you the easy process, the pattern to make some quick buck, raise your hopes and build that adrenaline within

however, they fail to balance their advertising copy, by showing you people who have had to sell or mortgage their property or become broke.

The percentage of people who have actually made the money with those who haven't. It's a business of risk, but they'll never sell 'risk" as the main opportunity cost for "maximum rewards", they'll only call it a life-changing opportunity and this goes for forex trading as well.

The Idea Of "Motivation"

People have often given the excuse that the reason why they sell ease when it comes to making money is because they want to motivate others.

While this isn't entirely true, people sometimes inadvertently lie to others in a bid to prove to them that things can be easier than they think.

The internet's biggest lie is the ability to showcase proof. People want to be able to see things to be convinced. This is why most are now proving what they're not instead of being what they are. The idea of being wealthy or being excessively rich is intoxicating.

Raising The Bar For Commerce & Business

In Nigeria for example, internet fraudsters have raised the bar for commerce. People now open businesses to satiate the needs of internet fraudsters, because they know that these people have no spending culture, they spend to prove they're rich and not to actually purchase their needs and wants.

Another reason why people choose to create the notion that making money is easy is to create the idea that they're living the best version of themselves.

I use to ask myself how some people can be able to afford some of the things they show on the internet, the process, the "hows" and "whens", but no one is ready to talk and address the salient things, they just prefer living the "lie".

The Truth We Subconsciously Know

In reality, making money is not easy, everyone understands this, but sometimes, we sell fakeness to look and seem real so much that we even begin to doubt what we've known as the truth.

This will not get better. Life's truly getting easy, but sometimes, we cannot replace "time and effort" with more establishments of opportunities, there always has to be a thin line somewhere.

I do believe people will rather prefer to keep living the lie because the believability is more comforting and this will expose people to scams, crime, and being duped out of their hard-earned money and the cycle will continue.

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