Money: The Consequences Of Making The Right & Wrong Decisions

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There's no way we can correctly spend money and this is because irrespective of our financial situations, we're always left with the consequences of opportunity costs in our lives.

This means that there are still consequences to making the right and favorable choices and this is a perfect explanation to the fact that we cannot 100% spend correctly as our inactions will always be the consequences that we might eventually suffer.

When we choose to secure tomorrow Instead of today, we might tailor all our plans and goals to make sure that the future is secured, howbeit at the expense of today. Now one might think these choices are rather illogical but the truth is that people make choices based on their knowledge, fear, and experiences and because everyone has a different financial background, experiences, and knowledge of money.

Choices Made On Sentiment Are Not Always The Best


It's difficult to make logical choices because the Sentimental aspects of our reality blind us to logic. Now when people choose to either secure the present over the future and vice versa, we cannot exactly say they're wrong, because there are still consequences to choosing one and forgoing the other.

I know it's quite true to think that we can easily choose the two, this is true, but sometimes we're never in the right capacity to do so. The truth is that even wealthy people have their limitations, we might even begin to think, it's only the consequences of being monetarily limited that are the biggest issue in life. Some people have to choose marriage over career or vice versa.

Commitment Or Money

An endless Cycle?

Whatever choices anyone decides to make, it doesn't make them foolish, but rather choosing to live in consequences of what we're always tasked with doing and sometimes we choose the bigger consequence not knowingly but because we've been wrong in our deductions and assessments.

Now, whenever people draw a scale of preferences, they're left with the opinion that they're making the right decision of course this is obviously true, but this doesn't mean that the choices we forfeited wouldn't bring their consequences. We live a life of choices and consequences. Choosing to buy an iPhone over an Android or vice versa, for example.

A Life Of Consequences

Paying The Price For Satisfaction

Now people can comfortably spend on the two flagship devices and have all their desires and fetish in one click. But the reality is that having money as the right enablement to pull this move doesn't still mean that one can split their sim cards into two. We're limited in every aspect of life. Sometimes we have to choose lesser salaries to enjoy more quality of life even if it's at the expense of a sophisticated standard of living.

So we're all making sacrifices on a daily and this is simply because we cannot have it all, irrespective of our expertise and exposure, sometimes our financial decisions tend to contradict our knowledge and this is because we might know what's right but choose to do what's favorable, because what's right might not be favorable or suitable.

Need Over Want

Stability Vs Desire

As a person who has suffered numerous limitations in life, I've discovered that I have to adjust to seeking what I need rather than what I want, this isn't because what I want is overrated or too much, but the reason is that I'm not really equipped to have what I want. Now the aspect of sacrifices comes when we go for what we need over what we truly desire.

Because since what we need would get the job done we have to live in the reprisal of knowing we never got to have what we truly desire. Money is blind, we're the eyes that (money) it sees with, this is proven in how we tend to fail or succeed despite being given a clean slate in life. At the end of the day, no one can say they've completely made the right or wrong choices because we're silently going to live with the consequences of our opportunity cost.

Economics Of Scale, Overtime

The only thing is to hope we can live with these consequences, hoping it wouldn't the degree to which these consequences are things we can live with, in the hope that we attain bigger wins.

This is to say that we should thrive or take comfort in our accomplishments, no none is ever meant to spend money 100% correctly, I think as shouldn't try hard to because we might end up missing out on the really important grey areas. No matter our enablements in life, we'd eventually suffer some limitations which might come naturally and not be dependent on our efforts in life.

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