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Do you own the land you built on?

My father owned the land, he died like 8 years ago, so I automatically inherited the land.

for me too. The difficult part here in America is keeping what you've earned, the taxes really eat up the profit

Here, there's no proposition for taxation of crypto. The government outrightly banned people from trading it through the commercial banks. But we find our ways to actually trade through P2P

Is your next goal to build a second home in Lagos to rent out for passive income? If so, what is your timeline?

Getting a house built in Lagos with buying the land might cost close to $30,000, I don't think I'll have such a figure to spare in years to come. But that's my ultimate goal. It's lucrative to own a house Lagos. Renting for passive income is so juicy. It's difficult to get these things done but it's not impossible.

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