Slowly at first, and then all at once... Research points to a Billion people owning Bitcoin within 5 years

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New Report finds roughly 100 million people own crypto globally...

How many people do you think own bitcoin and crypto currently? Do your friends or family own bitcoin/crypto?

If you answered this question last year it would probably be a lot less than if you answer this question today.

Personally I know quite a bit of family and friends that are starting to get into bitcoin and crypto, mostly without me saying anything to them about it.

You see, I have this investing rule where I never give investment advice to friends or family, ever. The only thing I will do is tell them what I am doing if they ask...

The reason for this is because if I give them a tip or some advice and it doesn't work out, I never hear the end of it. It can damage relationships and friendships. And if I am right, I rarely even get so much as a thank-you.

Therefore doing a quick cost/benefit analysis shows that it's simply not worth it to give investment advice to family or friends.

Hopefully those readying my blog also know that I am not giving advice but instead simply relaying my personal views and thoughts and moves. I don't know your personal situation and therefore cannot give investment advice, even if I wanted to.

Back to the Report...

Anyways, there was a new report that came out from that estimated there are currently more than 100 million crypto users globally...


The full report can be seen in that link above. There's a lot of good info in there and worth the read if you get the chance.

That is actually a slightly bigger number than I expected, but in the grand scheme of things, it's still a pretty small number.

Based on the current growth trajectory a much bigger number is likely ahead of us...

A number that Michael Saylor couldn't help buy notice as well.

Bitcoin has the wrong market cap...

Based on the current trajectory, we are likely to see a billion people involved in crypto roughly 5 years from now.

Though Saylor takes it a step further and says a billion people will own bitcoin 5 years from now:


A billion people!

That represents about 13% of the entire globe owning bitcoin within the next 5 years.

That's a big number...

If that is indeed the case then Michael Saylor is right, an asset with just 18 million coins in circulation (not counting the like 3 million or so that are likely lost forever) and a market cap south of a trillion is just too small for something with a billion people holding it.

Either bitcoin's going away or it's got the wrong market cap, myself and Saylor are betting on the latter.

Stay informed my friends.


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