What we must do to avoid phishing!

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Md. Kawsar Hasan
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Nowadays phishing has become serious. A person or multiple persons may even be associated with a company. Yesterday I wrote about phishing in my post. Today I will discuss with you what we can do to protect ourselves from phishing. Let's discuss about it.


We may use anti-phishing software to protect against phishing. There are some software in the Google Play Store that help against phishing. We can use the popular software. Firefox also has an extension- (petname) which allows us to save the name of the original webpage first so that we can return to it later.

When we enter any page we see that it has been redirected. After being redirected to these pages, we should refrain from logging in with username and password without being completely sure. In this case, we should be aware and we should remember that if there is a need to log in, after finding out the official site, log in there.

Legit websites usually have some secure information like bank, contact details, facebook has some special information that phishers don't have. We often see that mails from legit websites usually mention our name. In this case, if the email comes from a legit site, it will mention your name. For example, if you receive an email from Facebook, your name will be mentioned as hello .....(your name), but not Dear Facebook user. Common phishers do this. So we need to be safe and aware from such mails.

Clicking on the pop up can cause us dangerous harm as it can lead to dangerous web site. In this case pop ups should be avoided completely. If necessary we need to use pop-up blocker or ad blocker. Besides, many times when we enter a website or application, we are asked to click the 'ALLOW' button. Many times we can't access that website or application without clicking the allow button. So in these cases we should be completely avoided. Also one should not click for it without being completely sure.

Another thing we need to keep in mind is that the entire URL cannot be copied. Usually the website can be copied but the URL cannot be copied exactly. So to enter any website link, we must check the URL well.

Above all, the most important thing we need to avoid phishing is caution. We have to be careful in all cases because it can happen not only on website but also on mobile number. So caution should be taken in all cases.

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