The Capitalist Mindset: What can't you do to make money?

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I recognize the fact that money has to be made and I also know that people's lives can be a lot better when their earning grows higher. It raises their standard of living and makes it easier for them to take care of most of their needs and wants.

I'm sure many others also see the value of money, but if you are still in denial about the importance of wealth, then, you are still just yourself.

The question is; what can you do to make money?

There is no limit to what people can do to make money. I mean, this is one of the notable things that makes capitalism very peculiar. Anyone can make money if they look in the right place and make the right effort.

Those who want to walk the corporate lane are free to give it a shot. Those willing to start their own business can go for it. Those with unique skills can try and monetize it. If it so pleases you to dive into the service industry, you can also explore that option. The civil service is also there.

Here is the interesting thing about money making...

Whenever we make money, we set the bar higher to make more and much more than we previously made. Yeah, we are insatiable beings... We always want more money and I've certainly noticed that about me and so many people around.

But, what's so wrong with wanting more?

As far as I'm concerned, there is nothing wrong with wanting to transition from a thousandaire to a millionaire and from a millionaire to a billionaire. This is basically why people will gladly invest an infinite amount into a project that promises a nice return.

The sad reality about money making

One of the sad realities we've come to embrace in my part of the world is that it's possible for someone to spend the entirety of their years as part of the workforce and still retire into poverty.

You may assume it's because such people didn't manage their finances very well during their working years and that will partly be the truth, but a good number of them also spent what they earned judiciously.

The truth is that so many people in the country currently have a hand-to-mouth existence. They barely earn enough to feed themselves and their family. Yet, they work long hours each day.

This fact has pushed people into earning money in ways that come with the risk of jail time. You know, earning money at the risk of jail time often warrants that the money will be a large sum made by getting involved with all sorts of financial fraud, cyber attacks, lobbying of prominent figures, stock manipulation, kidnapping for ransom, and stuff like that.

I know that everything that has to do with money-making comes with risk, but if you genuinely want to enjoy the money you made, some lines should never be crossed. Right?

What are the lines you think people should never cross in their hunt for wealth?

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