LeoMobile Integrates LeoInfra V3 | Facebook Lite Accounts for Hive

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LeoMobile has been a focus of ours throughout 2021. We've made so much progress on the mobile app this year and within the past 1-2 months, it finally reached open beta on Android and most recently on IOS.

With it in Open Beta, we've started to test and rollout the new features we're building.

LeoInfra V3 Integrated to LeoMobile

If you're seeing this, there should also be a post on the @leofinance account talking about LeoInfra V3 and the LeoMobile integration.

LeoInfra V3 brings a number of new changes to the database infrastructure we built. ICYMI: LeoFinnace developed LeoInfra in late 2020 and early 2021 to handle Twitter and Facebook Lite Accounts.

LeoInfra enables new users to create and sign-in to a brand new Hive account without ever touching Private Keys (unless they want to).

The goal is to make signing up and signing in to Hive via LeoFinance as easy as clicking 2 buttons. We made this goal a reality and it's a true accomplishment.

If you want to head out there and download LeoMobile in Open Beta, use the following links!

Keep in mind, these are beta features. We're still always testing and improving them. If you find any bugs, please report them in LeoFinance's Discord Server:


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