Taskmaster4450 on Why XPOLYCUB is the Most Scarce Asset In Crypto for the Next Decade

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POLYCUB is one of the most fascinating experiments in DeFi right now. What we've built is a DeFi 2.0 Yield Optimizing platform with scarce token dynamics in the long-run.

In the first few weeks of POLYCUB going live (we're on day 5 right now), we're going to see a wild level of volatlity on the price of POLYCUB.

What we're going to see in the months and years that follow is the result of LeoTeam researching, designing and ultimately developing what we believe to be one of the first truly sustainable DeFi Yield Optimizers.

On the Polygon Network, we've expanded our entire community and the use case of the Web3 LeoFinance economy.

What we've also done is create the "Bitcoin" of our community. A scarce digital asset that can be used in the future for cross-chain operations and various DeFi protocols - much like how BTC is used.

Most people view POLYCUB in the near-term. They look at it like a short term pump token with high levels of inflation.

What they don't view POLYCUB as is the DeFi version of BTC that we've launched on the Polygon network.

Do you think many people are looking 5-10 years out when they view a token like POLYCUB?

Do you think xPOLYCUB makes sense to people at first glance?

Would you belive that the supply of POLYCUB is hyper deflationary - especially when staked as xPOLYCUB?

In this video, @taskmaster4450 and I talk about POLYCUB and why we believe it is one of the most bullish things to buy and stake right now in the entire DeFi landscape.

Taskmaster lays out his two frameworks for viewing POLYCUB and xPOLYCUB and why he believes it will radically change the way you view and value POLYCUB tokens in the coming months and years.

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