LeoFinance AMA | Project Blank Progress, Hive Taking Off to the Moon and What's Happening in Crypto?

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Hey everyone! Welcome back to the Weekly WenSoon show where you ask wen and we say soon. Today we talked all things LeoVerse, HIVE and the broader crypto and stock markets.

The LeoVerse is all-hands on deck for the new Project Blank UI. Right now, it's in closed alpha testing. We're building this thing so quickly and making amazing progress on a daily basis.

The UI is incredibly intuitive to use and the Web3-ified aspects are coming together very nicely.

In the broader markets, HIVE is taking off to the moon and so is Bitcoin. HIVE is holding steady above $0.40 at the moment and I think all of us are wondering what will happen next.

Mitch and I also analyze BTC markets and the broader TradFi markets.

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