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"With success comes confidence."

Yes, it's kind of ironic but that's how it works. Success breeds success and right now everyone is looking down on the LeoVerse when only valuing it based on tokens.

In terms of development - we've never had a larger team working on our project. That pace can be seen through the LeoMobile updates and the LeoDesktop Updates and the PolyCUB updates.

We're rolling out updates faster than ever and it feels amazing on this end. The price will have to reflect it eventually.

"That is where it stands for now and the solution is to keep moving forward. I like how you laid out the idea of what each $1 rolling in truly does. It all builds upon itself."

Exactly right. Every $1 flows into the platform and creates more value for PolyCUB. The key is to kickstart that snowball effect.

I like your comparison to earning in myriad ways on Hive.

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