The Canada Trucker GoFundMe Incident and How Crypto is the Solution

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For anyone who missed it: there is a massive issue in Canada with Truckers over vaccine requirements and Covid restrictions.

It seems that global governments have continued to push a heavy hand in encroaching on all of our lives. This trucker incident is just another in a long line of outrage over the way that governments and companies are behaving.

It's obvious that a change is necessary. With GoFundMe, they came out against the truckers and nearly stole the money raised in the campaign by pledging it to various charities of their choosing.

Instead, social media won out and the company faced so much backlash that they had to walk back their statements.

This situation and many others continue to feed the narrative that Crypto is the solution to many of these problems of government and corporation overreach.

GoFundMe can be entirely replaced with Crypto. We're seeing the advent of DAOs and other organization-level technology being built out to support the raising of money through cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. This is the future.


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