Tokenomics & Staking: Leo Power Up Day (LPUD) +600 $LEO staked

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When we talk about tokenomics and the inflation of a token we should know why this phenomenon happens in the cryptocurrency you are thinking of creating, if you are thinking of creating a token I think you should read this article because simply the cryptocurrencies that are in staking or in the liquidity pools are something important for tokenomics and today I want to put as an example the $LEO:$0.07 token and how users contribute to reducing inflation and especially how they make the token rise in price every 15th of each month.

When it's the 15th of every month it's Leo Power Up Day (LPUD) and that's great for the $LEO:$0.07 token because users simply buy $LEO:$0.07 to stake it and that's what has kept the $LEO:$0.07 token really stable. If the community stays active in staking the token, it's likely to increase in price in the future.

$LEO:$0.07 Token & Leo Power (Staking)

When Leofinance users staking $LEO:$0.07 then there is a lot less liquid $LEO:$0.07 left and this is basically what we all want as committed users, I will explain this better shortly, but first I want to give a shout-out to @anomadsoul who is working together with the whole @leofinance team to make some giveaways and reward users who staked their $LEO:$0.07 token every 15th of every month, this month we will be giving out delegations to all those people who staked $LEO:$0.07 and wrap it to Leo Power and that's really cool, if you staked 150 $LEO:$0.07 you will receive a delegation of 150 Leo Power to your account, that's why I have staked more than 600 $LEO:$0.07 to receive a good delegation and I think it's a great long term investment opportunity because we can simply take advantage of this opportunity.

As you can see I have made several $LEO:$0.07 power ups over the course of the day, now let's move on to the calculator.

As you can see in the above screenshot I have turned on a total of 40,459 + 199,359 + 412,941 $LEO:$0.07 and that gives a total of:

As you can see I have lit over 650 $LEO:$0.07 and they are all wrapped in Leo Power at this time.


This whole process, that is, the whole Leo Power Up Day (LPUD) initiative is because we simply want to overcome the inflation of the $LEO:$0.07 token by buying the liquid $LEO:$0.07 and above all placing it in liquidity pools and staking, I think this is great, because the less liquid the better the $LEO:$0.07 tokenomics will be and that is something to keep in mind that is why we have worked so hard on this.

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