Deep Fakes are Becoming More Popular for Crypto Scams

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Don't fall for these hilariously bad deep fakes about crypto.

Crypto Scam Deep Fakes

If you're not familiar, deep fakes are fake videos of well-known people like celebrities that are supposed to look like the real deal. They're created using artificial intelligence and computer software which has continuously gotten better over the years. Some of these things are pretty awful, but some of them are so realistic they're almost scary.

I saw this one of Elon Musk yesterday, and I couldn't get over how bad it was. The sad part is, it's used to promote an obvious crypto scam called BitVex promising 30% daily returns on their investments. This would mean that if you put in $100, tomorrow you will have $130, and then the next day you will have $169... Clearly that's not possible, and no one should put money into this shit but people are going to do it anyway.

What really intrigued me was the fact that there were actually people that believe this is Elon. There's also people so desperate and greedy that they're going to fall for this get rich quick scam. It's like BitConnect but worse! Take a gander at the video.

I'll be honest, I've always been a fan of Elon for many reasons. I have always hated how he has used his Twitter following to manipulate crypto and stocks though. He does speak in a sort of robotic way, and is definitely a little quirky. But in this particular deep fake, it's way over exaggerated.

You can tell that it's computer generated just by the super fast robotic speech. I tried really hard to figure out what website the fake referenced in the video but I couldn't tell what it was saying. It sounded like "tesla trade bot dot net" but I couldn't figure it out. That website doesn't exist if it ever did. BitVex's website also doesn't exist anymore.

Thankfully we have the technology. We have the great Wayback Machine to take us back in time to BitVex's website. It has 3 snapshots of the site from one single day and I'd bet that the site was only live for a day or 2. There's about as much substance as you'd expect on a scam website. Just enough to convince a total noob or someone of lesser intelligence to sign up.

I mean, just look at those endorsements! Obviously Elon Musk is on the list, alongside CZ from Binance, and Cathie Wood. Some solid celebrities to have listed as... Partners? I don't really know. They didn't put anything to indicated what these people are in relation to the project lol.

Look at those profit numbers from their investors! Over a million dollars per month paid out to the users! This is just hilariously bad. Whoever made the website didn't even want this to look legit. I'm sure it was a Fiverr developer lol.

Don't worry - all you have to do is give them all your money and they do the rest. Look at these totally legit payouts to users. Clearly everyone who put money into this is rich and sailing away on their yachts at this point.

I think my favorite part of directing people to this shit website is that fact that they didn't even make an effort to explain how it works. They didn't even give a buzz word statement like they use a trading bot or anything like that. Mmm mm no no no, not these guys. It's as simple as "give us money, we give you more money back". Where does the 30% daily profit for each user come from? I guess we will never know.

Now, enjoy some other crazy deep fakes for the lolz.

Hope you had a good laugh. It's about time for a beer or 2.

Thanks for reading! Much love.

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