Ask Leo: How Does Diversification And Dollar Cost Averaging Helps To Drive Out Emotions While Investing?

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Monitoring of portfolio actively is very important to control the tides of Financial market. It is also important for an investor to manage their emotional impulse during the ups and downs of the market.

During that time , diversification and dollar cost average are known to be favorable approach use to lessen the risk that attached to investing.

DIVERSIFICATION: Diversification is the process of buying different type of investment in stead of just one or two shares. Diversification is the best when dealing with Investment because it helps to lessen the emotional reaction towards the market volatility.

Using diversification method in a normal market allows the Investors part of protection because if an investor losses in various Investment, the profit in the other t will be counterbalance.

We can diversify our portfolio in different ways like Investing in different company and different types of investment. The Portfolio that is made up of different types of Investment is tend to protect the Investors in the span of the market situation.

DOLLAR COST AVERAGE: Dollar Cost Average the the most efficacious strategy whereby the same amount of dollar are invested on a regular basis. It is the best way to develop a Investing habit discipline, it makes us more to be efficient in how we invest and the potential can reduce our emotional level.

The key to dollar cost average is to run through it. Set aside a plan and never interfere with the plan except it is reconsider by authorised and important changes.

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