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LeoBall Game
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In 2021 @HiveCoffee is giving away LEO prizes during live shows.

This is how the game works: when you see a new HiveCoffee Live post, watch the show, vote and leave a comment using the tag #leoball ! Also vote on the corresponding @leoball post and leave a second #leoball for a second entry on the prize wheel. When the LeoBall pays out, half the LEO author rewards will be paid out to the lucky winner! This is about rewarding audience participation.

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So far the #leoball has given away 10.0955 LEO to users who watch the live stream and vote on the prize ball. @HiveCoffee is a new show by @Darkflame posted exclusively to, where he talks to guests about Crypto Markets, LEO, Hive, Hive-Engine, and the many projects that are being built here. There is a HiveCoffee Discord voice channel where you can join the conversation!

So far @HiveCoffee has featured two major projects other than LeoFinance; 1 Decentralized Limitless User Experiences (VR) with @DisregardFiat

2 HiveList is Classifieds On The Hive Blockchain with @thelogicaldude

Recently with all the LEO excitement taking place, @Darkflame feels it was best to separate the LEOball rewards pool from the @HiveCoffee show account. This way @LeoBall can exist as a separate entity, and continue to give away LEO prizes while accumulating its own value distinct from @HiveCoffee.

@hivecoffee transferred 8.738 LEO to @leoball "LEOball Prize Pool" - 1 minute ago (TX)

The show will continue to evolve and grow, but now #leoball will serve the LeoFinance community by hodling and distributing LEO, and will find new ways to increase the reward pool for bigger prizes.

Vote on @leoball posts to share the 50% curation reward regardless of who wins!

If the game continues on its current trajectory,
I estimate with modest 5% growth @LEOball could give away as much as 156 LEO in 2021. If you like this project, please delegate LEO or HIVE to @LEOball and watch @HiveCoffee Live each week!

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