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LeoBall Game
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@HiveCoffee will go Live --> HERE!

This is LEOBALL #15

In order to qualify for an entry to win half the LEO author rewards from this post;

1 Watch the @HiveCoffee live stream,
2 Comment #leoball on that post 3 Vote! #lions give 100% upvotes 4 Comment #leoball on this post for a 2nd entry on the prize wheel.

Make sure to vote twice and comment twice. This game rewards active participation!

I use Random Name Picker for a fair spin.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this LeoFinance game. If you want to win, watch the show, and comment #leoball below!

Even if you don't enter the draw, you
will share the curation rewards for voting.

Read this post for more information about @LEOBALL.

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