A Complete Overhaul to Curation on LeoFinance | Be Active and Earn Big Upvotes (3.2M HP)

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Curation has long been a debate on the Hive blockchain. At the end of the day, you can never make everyone happy. Curation is a competition. When one person receives an upvote, it means that someone else was missed.

Curation in our community has been a debate over the years as well. We've tried so many different methods of curation. Opening it up to discord, allowing certain authorized curators to use the account and more.

Despite all of these efforts, we still hadn't found a method that worked well.

We want to ensure that curation is not centralized to just 1 or 2 or even 3-5 people. We want to ensure that new authors are getting love as well as the consistent, long-time authors.

This is all hard to accomplish. It's like having a goal that stretches you in 6 completely different directions.

Well, this has led us down a new path. One where there are literally 6 different ways you can get curated.

Over the past few days, we started implementing, testing and revamping these ideas. Some tweaks are on the way and I'm sure that we'll constantly seek to improve these methods. Perhaps even adding some or removing some.


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  • The PURPOSE of @leo.voter, 3.2M HIVE POWER and curation in general
  • How we GROW LeoFinance's Community
  • 6 ways to get curated
  • Pride Rank and Pride Lists: being active in the community is how you get the most rewards
  • Threads & Twitter outreach to earn more rewards
  • Engagement-based curation (Top 30 Active Threaders, Top 20 Active Commenters, Top 10 Content Creators)
  • ... and more!

Defeating Randomness

It has never been so easy to get curated by LeoFinance. If you don't love the LeoVerse and aren't a hardcore Lion, it's never been harder.

ICYMI: @leo.voter pays 16% APY to anyone who delegates HIVE POWER to that account. It pays daily from the @leo.bounties account.

Last Monday, a major tokenomic shift occurred in the LeoVerse.

As of last Monday, delegators are now paid out from LEO that is bought from the market. Delegators are now paid their 16% APY in a sustainable enironment and we've actually started to see LEO outperform the rest of the crypto market. Slowly but surely.

A tokenomic change like this takes weeks or even months to settle in but we can already see some of the downstream impacts. 15,000 LEO is paid to delegators per day. The inflation rate on LEO is 5,000 LEO per day.

That means that 3x the amount of LEO inflation is bought each day to pay delegators. This does not include the new LeoAds smart contract or even the @leoburn or @null accounts which also earn a share of the daily LEO inflation from various token sinks and burn LEO.

The point of @leo.voter is not just to shill out LEO to a bunch of people who delegate HIVE POWER.

The PURPOSE of @leo.voter is to REWARD THE COMMUNITY. That was the vision from the beginning. @leo.voter has done nothing but continuously grow in terms of HIVE POWER it has delegated to it. Right now, it is sitting at 3.2 MILLION HP.

That is wild. That is a lot of power. It puts @leo.voter in the top 20 in terms of voting power on the Hive Blockchain.

With our constant aim to improve curation, we've been trying to figure out how exactly we can support our community. The PURPOSE - once again - of @leo.voter is to reward our community. It's to reward you.

But it's not just for people who aimlessly write a piece of content and hope to get voted.

The New Rules on the Block

Before, upvoting was quite random. We had a few curators who - at random points throughout the day - would simply scroll through the /created feed and look for new posts. They would upvote those posts subjectively. Their aim was to spread votes and reward new users as well as existing creators.

We've realized a lot of human flaw in this method. There is an unpredictability to receiving upvotes.

Now, we are adding some level of predictability. Upvotes are not free though.

Curation is meant to reward users both old and new. It's also meant to GROW OUR COMMUNITY. A big driving keyword of this article: PURPOSE.

The PURPOSE of @leo.voter curation is to grow LeoFinance. Our mission in 2023 is to reach 5,000 MAUs. We're currently at around 1,000 MAUs on

Starting today, 95% of Our Curation Will Focus on:

  1. Stake Based
  2. Ambassador
  3. Outreach Based
  4. Engagement
  5. Leaderboard
  6. Community Drivers

All of these will also take into account the usage of LeoGlossary and SEO as a criteria for curation assessment.

Stake-based curation

Every day, three times a day, @leogrowth will post a Thread where anyone can submit a post for curation assessment by the team.

The amount of posts per month that a Lion can submit depends on their Pride Rank, so think twice before submitting a post, because submitting a post counts towards the monthly limit, regardless of the post receiving curation or not.

If the Lion has already surpassed their monthly limit, the submission will just simply be ignored.

Pride RankPosts per month
Newborn cubFour
Apex LionTen
*These ranks can submit other Lion's posts, no limit on the amount!

The curation team will then assess the posts dropped in those Threads and vote accordingly based on the quality of the post.

Ambassador curation:

This is organic, 100% decentralized curation. Each LeoFinance ambassador will submit 1 post per day on a private curation channel on our discord server and the post will be assessed for curation based on the quality of the publication.

Our curators will put special emphasis in post length (at least 750 words), post quality, topic, LeoGlossary usage and SEO.

Outreach-based curation:

Anyone who posts long-form content on or using the #leofinance tag can do this.

Threads outreach:

  1. Compose a 5 piece Threadstorm talking about your post.
  2. Use the #outreach tag on the first thread.
  3. At the end of the threadstorm include a link to your post and tag #gosh to earn GOSH tokens
  4. Make sure to include a 1/🧵 so the audience knows it's a Threadstorm!

Twitter outreach:

  1. Compose a 3-tweet Thread on Twitter talking about your post.
  2. Use the hashtags #web3, #leofinance, #hive on the first Tweet.
  3. At the end of the Twitter Thread include a link to your post.
  4. Make sure to include a 1/🧵 so the audience knows it's a Twitter Thread!

The Leo Curation team will browse the tag #threadstorm on Threads and #leofinance on Twitter on a daily basis and curate the posts that are of the highest quality, use LeoGlossary, are SEO and have at least 750 words.

Engagement-based curation:

Curation is now gamified based on engagement.

We will run a report every Sunday night with the following data:

  • The Top 30 most active Lions on Threads that week
  • The Top 20 most active commenters in long form posts
  • The Top 10 content creators with the most engagement in their posts

These 60 Lions will become part of the Pride List for the next week. The curation team will keep a close eye to the content created by these Lions, and will curate accordingly based only on the quality of the post.

Basically, your engagement and activity of the previous week makes you eligible for curation during the next week. Be active and engage to earn your right to get curated... Easy!


You know Zealy?

Well. Zealy came to stay. **LeoFinance will have daily and weekly tasks*, as well as special tasks - no adventures - for those who want to keep the zealy fun around.

The top 20% of the Leaderboard at the end of the week, will become part of the Pride List for the next week, and the curation team will keep a close eye to the content created by these Lions, and will curate accordingly based only on the quality of the post.

Community Drivers

All the Lions who are currently supporting LPUD with at least 5k $LEO:$0.07 delegations or or support our Community Collabs initiative - delegating $LEO:$0.07 to Hive communities so they can curate their members' threads - will be part of the Pride List as long as they support LeoFinance's community driven initiatives.

We are confident that these improvements to the way LeoFinance curates content on the Hive Blockchain will increase engagement, enhance content discovery, and overall refines what gets rewarded by our curation team.

So now you know everything about Curation on LeoFinance 2.0!

Stay tuned for tweaks to this system but this is now in place. If you want to earn rewards, now is the best time ever on LeoFinance to do that. You need to be an active and engaged member of the LeoFinance Community to get on the Pride List and get earning!

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