CUB's First Monthly Burn Report | August 2022 - 204k CUB Bought & Burned, 50% Yield on HBD

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CUB launched in March 2021 with the mission of being LeoFinance's expansion into the DeFi space. CUB had an incredible amount of success in the early days - many of us remember when the CUB price hovered between $3 and $14 after the platform launched.

Since then, we've weathered many storms. Most recently, the 2022 bear market bringing CUB down to all-time lows.

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The key narrative is inflationary pressures. The mission of LeoFinance is to democratize financial knowledge and access.

CUB is the key to the "Access" part of that mission statement. As time has passed, we've researched and developed so many different methods of building a truly sustainable, reliable, secure and growing DeFi platform.

All of that research has led us to the Multi-Token Bridge and DAO contract that we've deployed in the past 2 months on PolyCUB and past <30 days on CUB.

The MTB is now live on CUB and TVL is growing quickly. As of this report, we're at $297k in liquidity and growing fast.

The key to growing CUB is to grow the MTB TVL. As this TVL grows, monthly revenue grows. 100% of that monthly revenue is deployed to the CUB DAO which buys and burns CUB on a daily basis.

40% of all CUB Burned was Burned This Month by MTB

Since the launch of CUB to August 1st, we had burned 518,952 CUB.

The MTB went fully live in early/mid August and the CUB DAO began buying and burning CUB a few days later.

In the month of august, we bought and burned 203,920.15 CUB using only MTB Revenue for the month. This is a pretty incredible figure on such a low amount of TVL (especially since it wasn't a full month of $297k TVL... that number has just been growing this month).

CUB generated just over $4200 in revenue this month on $297k in TVL. Compare this to POLYCUB which generated $11k last month on $500k in TVL and you can see the potential.

In The Report

Jump into the report for all of the details on how this revenue was generated and how we plan to grow it.

We've also created an "Escape Velocity" metric which aims to predict when CUB will flippen inflation and begin burning more CUB than is produced.

We believe that the Multi-Token Bridge on CUB is one of the first truly sustainable DeFi platforms to ever be created. This is just the beginning but our plan only works if the community deploys liquidity into the MTB. As the MTB grows in liquidity, the amount of CUB bought and burned will grow exponentially.

Liquidity Black Hole Theory applies in a very deep way here. CUB is earning from wrapping fees, oracle staking and internal arbitrage.

Right now, $17k per month is created via CUB inflation. This month we generated $4.2k in revenue and we're on pace to crush that figure in the month of September. How long until revenue flippens that figure and over 1,000,000 CUB is burned in a single month? Less than 2 months, in our opinion.

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We highly recommend you view the PDF of this report. Below are screenshots that may get cut off depending on your browser.

Some items may be cuttoff from the image displays here on LeoFinance / Hive. Open the PDF to get the full view of the report.

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