Introducing PolyCUB | LeoFinance's Most Anticipated App Release Ever!

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The Soons become Nows. Oh how you love to see it. PolyCUB is an absolute game-changer for LeoFinance's Web3 Ecosystem, the CUB token and obviously, the reach of our community.

Our goal with PolyCUB is to build a self-sustaining base on another blockchain. PolyCUB is the first of many to come that will branch LeoFinance to all new territories of capital, users and community members.

PolyCUB was designed with the most sustainable tokenomics we could dream up.

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Less Than 10,000,000 POLYCUB Will Ever Exist

There is a hard cap of 26,000,000 POLYCUB but if you run the math on the emissions rate on POLYCUB, we will never actually get close to that cap.

POLYCUB is designed to be an extremely limited, highly desirable yield optimization token. By holding POLYCUB - especially staked as xPOLYCUB on the page - you're earning both from the POLYCUB rewards pool + the xPOLYCUB contract.

The xPOLYCUB staking pool earns fees from across the entire platform. It does this through early harvesting penalties. Users who stake assets in the Kingdoms are allowed to harvest their POLYCUB earnings whenever they wish. IF they harvest those earnings before the X Block Unlock Period, then 50% of the harvested earnings will be penalized and sent to all xPOLYCUB stakers.

This mechanism - when combined with Protocol Owned Liquidity and a limited supply of POLYCUB tokens that will ever exist - create exponential tokenomics for POLYCUB. We designed POLYCUB to contain Bitcoin hyper-deflationary features while also retaining many of the desirable traits of a DeFi Yield Optimizer - earning yield, distributing yield and generating wealth.

One of our long-time community members - @edicted - wrote a speculative post about the POLYCUB supply and why he's bullish in it on the long-run.

A Deflationary Future

Eventually the PolyCUB Treasury will flippen the ongoing emissions rate for POLYCUB. This means that the treasury yield will eventually buy/burn more POLYCUB than is being created by emissions every day.

At this point, we believe the POLYCUB token will reach a new level of utility and price stability - allowing us to continually expand the developments of PolyCUB to deliver the best opportunities for yield farming on the Polygon Network.

The long-term goal of POLYCUB is to be the one-stop shop for Polygon-based DeFi so that we can save our users time and potential rug pulls/security risks from having to go out and find other Polygon platforms.

Initital Supply of POLYCUB

  • Starting Supply: 1,300,000 POLYCUB
    • 1,000,000 POLYCUB Airdropped Over a 2 Month Period to CUB Stakeholders (Our BSC Platform)
    • 200,000 POLYCUB For Developer Fund (Locked in a 6 Month Drip Smart Contract)
    • 50,000 POLYCUB For Initial POLYCUB-USDC Liquidity Pool
    • 50,000 POLYCUB For Initial POLYCUB-USDC Liquidity Pool
    • No Presale!
  • Starting Price: $1 USD
  • Starting Liquidity: $200,000 USD
    • POLYCUB-USDC and POLYCUB-WETH pools will have a starting price of $1 USD per POLYCUB ($100,000 USD in value per pool)
  • Max Supply: 26,000,000 POLYCUB
    • The max supply is set to 26,000,000 which is simply a hard cap on the tokens that can ever exist. The actual max supply is governed by the emissions rate which has POLYCUB's max supply around 8,000,000 - 9,000,000 POLYCUB that will ever exist. We designed POLYCUB to have all of the hyper-deflationary aspects of BTC with all of the benefits and features of DeFi Yield Optimization
  • Protocol Controlled Value: Built From 10% Management Fees on Kingdoms At Launch With Other PCV-Growing Features Deployed Over Time
    • The PolyCUB treasury is built autonomously via the 10% management fee generated on Kingdoms yield. This treasury will LP assets and capture value to POLYCUB by using the yield it generates to buy POLYCUB in perpetuity. Inspired by platforms like OHM. Learn more.

Major PRs

We're working with over 10 launch partners for PolyCUB. Cointelegraph, Coindesk and several others are doing a massive round of Press Releases about LeoFinance's Web3 Community and our expansion to

Game Changer For CUB

This changes everything for CUB on BSC. CUB is the base layer of LeoFinance's DeFi stack. It is the beneficiary of every expansion to every EVM blockchain that LeoFinance makes.

PolyCUB is but the first in a long-line of expansions to other EVM chains. Each expansion uses CUB as the airdrop recipient and a new wrapped version of LEO on each blockchain makes LEO the recipient of a new point of liquidity, an exchange listing, liquidity incentives from the new EVM Outpost and an extension of LeoBridge.

This changes the entire face of LeoFinance's Web3 Ecosystem:

  1. CUB holders receive multi-million dollar airdrops from each subsequent launch
  2. LEO receives a new pool, incentives and extension of LeoBridge
  3. Each PolyCUB outpost is a self-sustaining, deflationary base on a new blockchain

When you start digging into what we've built and play around with PolyCUB, you'll see the vision we're chasing with the release of POLYCUB.

This is truly the entrance of a new Era for LeoFinance with LEO, CUB and POLYCUB. Get ready 🚀

Want to Learn More About PolyCUB?

Go Read the Docs! We've got tons of information including clips from the LeoFinance Weekly Podcast talking about PolyCUB:

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