LeoFinance AMA | New Publishing UI, New Long-Form Page, Gamification and LEO Up 30%

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Hey everyone! Welcome back to the weekly LeoFinance AMA! Mitch was out of town last week (happy birthday Mitch!) and this week we are back with our regularly scheduled AMAs!

Today, we covered a whole range of topics. We caught up on a bunch of questions from the week and had a Threadcast filled with over 200 comments on Hive asking us questions!

We rapid fired through some of them while also covering the broader developments in the LeoVerse.... and there are quite a few of them!

May was the best month ever for the LeoVerse. It's simply incredible what we achieved throughout May.

The LEO price went up over 60% throughout the month and continues to rise - despite the market going sideways/down.

There is much more to come on this front. This is thanks to the UI launching and being incredible as well as the new tokenomics changes. Wen ad revenue goes live, we think it'll be the next major notch in the belt to completely flippen the economy to a positive upward trend in the long-run.

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