LeoGlossary: Blockchain Game

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SplinterGlossary: Blockchain Game

The number one condition for a game to be considered a blockchain game is that the main assets of the game - once earned or purchased - are owned by the players and NOT under the control of the game developer/operator. Players, then, should have the ability to trade these assets on a free market.

If the game operator chooses to have a policy that involves banning accounts, that should not involve the ability of the operator to take away or freeze the assets of the banned accounts. If that is possible, there's no difference between this game and a traditional online game, except for using the "blockchain" buzzword.

The gameplay itself can be 100% decentralized and happening on the blockchain, or it can happen on centralized servers, or a combination of those. For many blockchain games, the centralized solution for the gameplay is chosen for performance reasons.


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