LeoGlossary: Challenge Opponent

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SplinterGlossary: Challenge Opponent

The Challenge option can be used to challenge an opponent to a duel. The option can be found on the top menu of the Splinterlands interface, on the Battle page.

The rules of the combat (league limits and cards edition that can be used) are settable by the challenger. It is a good way to practice using gladiators outside the Brawls.

The player which is challenged receives a notification in-game after the challenge has been made and has the option to view the details and then, accept it or not, or decline it directly.

There is a timer that is set when the challenge is made. If the opponent doesn't accept the challenge within a couple of minutes, it expires automatically.

There are no prizes/rewards associated with challenge games, at least not officially. If the two have some side-bets, they are not done through the Splinterlands interface.


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