LeoGlossary: Circulating Supply

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SplinterGlossary: Circulating Supply

Every Splinterlands card has a limited number of copies that can ever exist. Once that number is hit, there can never be printed any more copies of the same card.

The circulating supply of cards is influenced by a number of factors.

Circulating supply grows when:

Circulating supply decreases when:

There's a difference between reward cards and cards from regular editions, when it comes to circulating supply.

For reward cards, their print run is predetermined. Once hit, no more copies of those reward cards will be issued.

For cards in regular editions, their print run is not predetermined. What is preset is the number of packs that are sold on the primary market.

There are chances for each card's rarity to show up in booster packs, but no way to know exactly how many of each card's copies are in the unopened packs. But cards are limited because packs are limited. And their number generally goes down through combining and, to a lesser degree, burning.

See also Print Limit.


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