LeoGlossary: Energy Capture Rate (ECR)

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SplinterGlossary: Energy Capture Rate (ECR)

ECR was replaced by the Energy System and the description below is no longer actual. I keep it for historical reasons.

This is the current Energy System (Ranked Battles).

The number of games played and the amount of rewards an account can earn during a day in Splinterlands are kept in check using the Energy Capture Rate (ECR).

If you are a gamer think of it in terms of the mana necessary to perform actions in different game genres. If you stop, it replenishes over time. In Splinterlands it also directly affects the rewards one receives. The lower one's ECR, the lower the rewards.

If you are a regular Hive user, think of ECR as a combination of voting power for curation and resource credits. Same as RCs, ECR allows for a limited number of games to be played by any account every day (same for every account currently), and just like voting power, it gives diminishing returns the lower it gets.

Every ranked game played drops the ECR by 1% if ECR is above 50% and by 5% if ECR is below 50%. ECR recovers approximately 1% per hour or 25% per day to be exact (that's 1.04% per hour).

If one always plays 25 games per day, the ECR level should be in check at all times and it would be optimal from the ECR depletion point of view.

While a low ECR affects rewards negatively, an ECR at 100% means rewards are left on the table. Since the ECR can't go higher than 100%, it will stop replenishing when it reaches that level. The goal is to never allow ECR to reach 100%.


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