LeoGlossary: Hive-Engine

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SplinterGlossary: Hive-Engine

One of the secondary markets for Splinterlands assets is Hive-Engine.

Hive-Engine is the first layer 2 created on top of the Hive blockchain (but not the only one). Aggroed, one of the co-founders and CEO of Splinterlands is also CEO of Hive-Engine.

Before Non-Card Market is launched in-game, the only way to transfer Splinterlands NFTs different than cards is using secondary markets like Hive-Engine, and tokenized versions of the NFTs.

Hive-Engine is bigger than a secondary market for Splinterlands, and it includes fungible tokens too, some offering staking support. Additionally, reward distribution mechanisms and basic blogging interfaces can be unlocked. Defi and NFTs are available too.

There are different interfaces that can be used to access the Hive-Engine backend. Here are some of them:

  • Hive-Engine - kept for simplicity, doesn't include upgrades
  • TribalDEX - the top-of-the-line interface from the Hive-Engine team (includes liquidity pool support called diesel pools on their platform)
  • NFTShowRoom - the NFT-centric interface by the same team
  • there are multiple 3rd party interfaces for Hive-Engine

See also Atomic Hub.

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