LeoGlossary: Land Categories

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SplinterGlossary: Land Categories

In addition to the terrain type, each plot of land will also be in one of three categories:

The category of land is similar to the "foil" of the existing Monster and Summoner cards and is indicated at the top of the land card graphic. The majority of the land plots will be Natural lands, which means that they contain one of four natural resources (grain, wood, stone, and ore) which can be farmed or harvested from the land and will be required to build, upgrade, and maintain all of the various buildings that can be constructed.

Some land plots will be Magical, which means that they are rich in one of six magical resources, each associated with one type of Splinter magic:

The magical resources will be much more rare than the natural resources and will be one of two components required to mint Item and Spell cards.

Additionally, some land plots will be Occupied, which means that they are inhabited by wild monsters. Players can battle these monsters and extract their Essences, which will be the second necessary component of minting Item and Spell cards along with the magical resources.


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