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SplinterGlossary: ΛZMΛRÉ Dice mini-edition

ΛZMΛRÉ Dice (or Dice, in short) was the first mini-edition launched by Splinterlands truly associated with a main edition, the Untamed.

The previous mini-edition, Essence Orb, was more promotional in nature than linked to the Beta edition, which was running at the time.

ΛZMΛRÉ Dice was released in August 2020, and consisted of 20 cards, initially. On top of them, 5 epic summoners were gradually released (one for each of the main splinters), as part of the same airdrop mechanism started with Untamed, and then introduced in the packs.

The total supply of the Dice mini-edition was 300,000 booster packs, all sold out. You can still find small amounts of them on the secondary markets, but it is easier to find cards from the Dice edition individually.

Cards from the Dice edition can be played in both Modern and Wild formats.

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