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SplinterGlossary: Runicore

Runicore (Runi, in short), is an Ethereum-based Splinterlands promo card. Unlike any previous promo cards in the game, Runicore cards have identical stats, but unique art for each individual NFT.

It is Splinterlands' version of generative NFTs, such as projects like Crypto Punks or Bored Apes, to name the most known ones, but unlike those projects, Runicore promo cards will be playable inside Splinterlands, besides the option to set them as profile pictures or avatars, in-game or in social media.

Runi will be a maxed-out card, with 6 mana, 1 speed, 4 melee attack, 1 armor, and 5 health points. It will include the Opportunity, True Strike, and Reflection Shield abilities.

It also features a new ability, Rebirth, similar to Resurrect, except it works on self instead of other friendlies. If Runi dies and it is brought back to life by another monster/summoner with Resurrect, Rebirth isn't enabled anymore.

6500 was the max supply of Runis that could have been minted at 0.38 ETH each. Of them, about half were minted during the minting period, including the ones reserved in advance for 100 VOUCHER, that were purchased at half the cost (+ ETH fees).

Gold foil Runis have the same in-game benefits as any other GF card from Splinterlands.

Runi will be playable in-game by staking it.

A final note: Runi owners will also have the license for commercial use of the unique art of the card (without frame).

More details on the official announcement.

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