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SplinterGlossary: Splinterforge

Splinterforge is a boss-fighting game combined with a role-playing game (RPG).

It is part of the SplinterGlossary because it uses your collection of Splinterlands cards.

The rules of combat against the boss are somewhat similar to Splinterlands, in the sense that someone who played Splinterlands would easily understand the battle system used by Splinterforge, even if it is different.

The immediate difference is that the deck for a Splinterforge game contains two summoners instead of one (their level is irrelevant), and up to 7 monsters. Their order is irrelevant, unlike in Splinterlands battles.

The game also introduces an ability of its own that gives an additional +1.5x damage. This ability replaces other abilities that are not supported or wouldn't make sense in the fight against the boss.

The team is led in battle by a hero. That's where the RPG elements come into play.

The hero can be developed using equipment and runes or gems. These can be purchased from crates or enhancement bags from the game shop, with Forgium (the main token of the game) or DEC, and that's the income source that drives the game economy.

Runes and gems can be imbued into sockets on equipment. The rarer the equipment, the more sockets it can have.

Socketed runes and gems can also be used to gain advantages not related to the hero, like:

  • more max mana
  • the possibility to use cards from different splinters than the summoners used
  • etc.

The idea of the boss fights is to keep your team alive as long as possible to give them time to inflict as much damage to the boss as possible.

Nobody can kill a boss by oneself. It is a group effort.

There are 4 bosses, and for each of them, there is a leaderboard. After a boss dies, leaderboard rewards (the most consistent) are distributed to the Top 100 players (the ones who inflicted the most damage during all their fights against the boss until he died).

Bosses have league-based limitations. The one on the left is the weakest but gives the lowest rewards and your cards and hero have the lowest limits against it. The one on the right is the toughest and there are no limitations. In the middle are the silver and gold league ones.

When you choose the boss to play against, its life and abilities will play a role in your decision to choose one over another.


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