Can we break the record? | LPUD 1st Anniversary

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Why is the goal Quantity instead of Amount of Leo Powered Up?

Because we just had the most intense Zealy Campaign over the past 40 days, and during that campaign we powered up together more than

1 Million Leo Tokens!

So it would be unfair - and quite impossible - to try to power up a TON of $LEO for this LPUD, don't you agree?

But what we can definitely aim to do, is to break the Record regarding amount of Lions who power up at least 150 Leo Tokens.

The Current record is 195 Lions...

So let's break this record and make it 200 Lions!

The date is fixed, you know it, but if you are new to LeoFinance, LPUD (Leo Power Up Day) happens every 15th of the month.

It's a day where we all rally and organize together and stake some Leo tokens to show how strong Leo is and how bullish we are about the Leo Ecosystem.

And this month...

LPUD turns one year - It's our Anniversary

And we want to celebrate this big time!

And what better way to do it than by breaking a record that seems impossible to break?

Leo Power Up Day - First Anniversary

Participate on this LPUD by powering up at least 150 Leo, and become eligible for one of these Leo delegation prizes:

*This is the Bad Luck Prize, [check out the rules here]( by @onealfa.

Check out the requirement to become eligible to win one of these prizes:

  • Your total Leo Power (on the 15th) must be less than 25k.

  • You must power up at least 150 Leo on June 15.

  • You must not have powered down Leo since January 15.

  • Make a post or a #thread on Leo Finance about LPUD. If you make a post perhaps you'll get a visit from @leo.voter!

ProTip: If you make a post, it doesn't have to be only about LPUD, it can be about anything else and you can just include an #LPUD section at the end of your post (just make sure to mention it on the title so we don't miss the post while picking the winners).

First Anniversary Bonus!

If more than 200 Lions power up more than 150 $LEO, @leofinance will add two extra delegations worth 20k Leo Power each!

Don't forget we have Power Up Badges

Thanks to @hivebuzz, we have our very own LPUD Badges. If you want to earn yours, make sure you power up at least 150 $LEO on June 15th UTC <- the time zone is important!

I haven't missed one this year, looks pretty right?

There you go, see you on the 15th and let's break the previous Record!

200 Lions Powering up, here we go!

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