Dragons flee as Lions roar | 23 Dragons Slayed and 230k Leo Powered Up!

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They came unannounced and covered the whole sky, and with the first morning light attacked our elders and cubs while the Leaders of the Pack were away fighting a threat from the east. Dragons from the North attacking the Lion Pride with no reason except perhaps taking from us the ruling of the territory.

We had no defenses, but @alexvan, @heruvim1978, @pouchon and @alokkumar121 gave their best to protect the cubs and hold the line against these foul beasts from the North while @aljif7 and @beststart fled the scene to try and search for the Leaders of the Pack and warn them about the imminent attack the Lion pride was undergoing.

The battle was fierce, at one point we thought that the dragons would overtake the Lion's Den, slaying every cub and newborn in the pack, ending our kingdom and rule over all the other animals in the savannah. But it was right then and there that @katerinaramm, @moretea, @mcoinz79, @l337m45732 and @davedickeeyyall who were out on a scouting mission and who had seen the dragons approach at the distance and decided to head back home, arrived at the scene.

Not all hope is lost, thought dagger212 while he chopped off the head of a dragon, watching @lofone parry a dragon slash and joining forces with @summertooth and @trumpikasleo against four wyverns who had them surrounded.

They are too many, we are not going to hold them off for longer, @taskmaster4450 realized while moving across a battlefield full of blood and chaos tired from all the fighting. We need more help.

And that's when they saw them, the battle almost halted completely while both friends from the pride and foes from the North turned their head East and watched how the battle was about to turn in favor of the Lions

The Leaders of the pack were back from their battle far east, and they would not allow anyone to destroy what they have been building for so long, they would not permit a gang of drakes to come here and build chaos, not on their watch.

@edicted and @scaredycatguide were the first ones to arrive and with @nealmcspadden overtook two of the Eldest dragons in a glimpse, creating distraction and causing fear over the other 50+ drakes engaged in battle. Feeling despair and being leaderless, some wyverns lost focus which allowed @bitcoinflood, @fokusnow and @niallon11 to completely impede a few dragons from flying away and together with the help of @trumpman and @steemstreems they utterly eviscerated a big group of shadow foes who thought were about to slay some lions.

The battle was far from over, but the stamina and momentum was on the lions' side.

And then arrived @khaleelkazi and with a massive roar he rallied all the lions behind him and together, they managed to coordinate an attack that ended with...

23 Dragons Slayed with a base attack of 230k Leo Power

The battlefield was a complete cemetery, but the deed was done, the Lion Pride was safe and secure from this attack, and the Lions are now able to enjoy their peace while the leaders of the pack are preparing to hold a council to determine what was the cause of this attack and how to prepare for further attacks like this one.

The world is not the same anymore, and we must be prepared for battles like this one.

Our display of Power is an announcement to the world that we are now a threat, and with this a door opens, a door that might lead to more attacks like this one.

And as these words are spoken, some Leaders turn their head to the South and see a shadow grow darker from the elder forest...

LPUD was a huge success!

We powered up 230k Leo!

140 Lions joined this edition, trumping our previous record and setting the bar high as hell both for the amount of Leo Power and the Lions who joined!

This was the third time we had badges, did you get yours?

I did, I have three in a row now and I am already preparing for December and the shadow from the forest getting stronger as we speak...

This Badge, apart from showing your support to this monthly LEO initiative and prove your commitment to the growth of Leo, will become an important part of the Leo ecosystem down the line and we have a huge event for 2023 for everyone who powers up Leo month after month (the more months you power up, the better you will do in the event we have planned), so you better plan on stacking those badges or you'll regret it!

Don't worry if you didn't get the badge this month, we have this badge prepared for every next LPUD, you still have time to stack your badges and participate in a HUGE event we have prepared for 2023 so, keep powering up Leo and keep stacking those badges! They are a proof of lion pride badge but they will be useful in the long run.

By the way, this LPUD badge is only possible thanks to @hivebuzz and @arcange, if you haven't approved their DHF proposal, show them some appreciation and do it now!

We want to thank @edicted, @lbi-token, @investing-dude, @bitcoinflood, @steemstreems, @taskmaster4450 @scaredycatguide, @whatsup, @forexbrokr and @mcoinz79for the delegations they added to the prize pool! If you are not following them, you should go right now!

This initiative exists only because the Leo community is solid, thinks long term, and gets involved with everything happening around the Lion's Den, thank you all Lions!

Community Delegation Winners

Enough with preludes and thank you notes, here are the delegation winners from the community prizes:

2k from @scaredycatguide & @whatsup to @rtonline

2k from @forexbrokr to @ksam

2k from @alexvan to @beststart

2k from @mcoinz79 to @rubilu

2k from @steemstreems to @neal-power

3k from @lbi-token to @cmplxty.leo

5k from @bitcoinflood to @silverd510

5k from @anomadsoul to @tengolotodo

5k from @leomarkettalk & @idiosyncratic1 to @rzc24-nftbbg

5k from @edicted to @rzc24-nftbbg

Congratulations Lions, make good use of this delegation!

(Ignore the June part on that pic, can anyone edit it? I'm not a designer and I can't lol)

20k Delegation Winners

This is the honey pot, three users won a 20k delegation for 3 weeks!




Congratulations Lions, you are a huge orca in LEO, go spread the votes!

You will receive your delegations somewhere in the next 24 hours, and you will have them for three weeks. Get the Leo Love spread going!

If anyone wants to check the process that we used to pick the winners, [check out this video](

To everyone who joined but didn't win, don't get disappointed, there will be a LPUD every month of the year, for every year to come, so keep joining in these initiatives and keep growing your Leo power, together we'll go to the moon.

What, did you think we forgot about the Bad Luck Prize?

60k Leo Power delegation for three weeks thanks to @onealfa!

The bad luck prize is easy, to become eligible you must have succesfully joined LPUD during the current month and the two previous ones, and you must have not been selected as winner of any of the prices in these three events. If you fulfill these requirements, then you enter this prize draft.

To learn more about the Bad Luck Prize, click here

We want to thank @onealfa for his huge support on this initiative, LPUD wouldn't be the same without the support of biggest Lion of the whole pack. If you are not following him, go do it on @onealfa.leo!

Without further ado, we want to congratulate @codingdefined for winning the September BAD LUCK PRIZE!

You are a leader of the pack now, go be a whale on Leo for the next three weeks!

There is an extra 100 Liquid Leo from @one.alfa towards @reeta0119 for being awesome and joining three times in a row LPUD and not winning anything!

See you next month guys! The requirements to join LPUD will be the same for December as they were in November, so start stacking those $LEO:$0.06 soon because you know how the price can change when we are close to the 15th, better to spread your buy orders!

Heads Up, there's a shadow coming from the forest next to the Lion's Den and we must be prepared, do what you must with this information and start stacking Leo to be able to defend the Lion's Den against any threat that might be coming our way

All the liquid rewards from this post will be used to support community driven contests!

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