Leo Power Up Day is now a thing! - Join and win a Dolphin size delegation

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And we want to reward those who join this monthly event, and we will do so big time!

How does getting a 20k Leo Power delegation sound like?

On top of powering up Leo and contributing to the Leo ecosystem growth, while also increasing your influence in the platform, while stacking more and more tokens through curation rewards, you will participate in a drawing/raffle where three Leo users will win a 20k Leo delegation for three weeks.

It's easy as hell, just power up at least 200 Leo on the 15th of June (PST), and you will be eligible to win one of the 20k delegation prizes.

[Here's a thorough guide to Powering up LEO using Hive-engine or Leodex](

A couple of rules to join this challenge:

Some ground rules to participate in LeoPowerUpDay:

  • Your total Leo Power (on the 15th) must be more than 200 and less than 20k
  • You must power up at least 200 Leo on June 15th.
  • Reblog this post. Sorry, Leogrowth still needs to earn a follower base, these reblogs help us reach a wider audience.

If you want to make a post about this, mentioning why you are powering up and what do you think of the Leo Finance ecosystem, you are more than welcome and y! Just remember to use the tag #lpud :D we'll be on the lookout for the posts using that tag.

The winners will be chosen randomly using a provably fair provably fair random picker from a pool of users who fulfill all four requirements.

For the next Leo Power Up Day events, we will add a new rule: You must not have powered down from June 15th to July 15th, so keep that in mind for the July edition!

Bonus Prizes

The Leo community is one of the strongest and tightest in the Hive ecosystem, and many of the users with a big Leo stack have chipped in to the prize pool to encourage you to power up Leo!

Five random users who fulfill the four requirements above will get one of the next prizes:

This means there will be 5 bonus winners, one winner for each prize

Thanks to all the Lions who are contributing to the prize pool, you should go follow their blog!

If you participate in the Leo Power Up Day initiative for three consecutive months - June, July, & August - and you don't win any prize, and you made a post about #lpud each of those months, then you qualify for the Bad Luck Prize by @onealfa, where he will delegate 60,000 LEO tokens for three weeks to on lucky winner!

So, what are you waiting for? Prepare yourself for Leo Power Up Day on the 15th (PST), and on every 15th of each month of 2022!

All the liquid rewards from this post will be sent to the HBD stabilizer

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