Our Adoption Campaign | $10,000 & 200k HivePower prize pool!

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On May 1st, @leofinance launches their new User Interface, and to celebrate that, we have a huge campaign with a Prize Pool of 10,000 USD and 200,000 Hive Power in delegations (worth $80k USD at current price - to be used as influence in the Hive Blockchain) for 6 months.

Join our Zealy campaign and compete for these prizes!

Ten thousand dollars will be distributed to those who win this Adoption Campaign, and the 200k Hive Power will be delegated to the communities that the top2 users represent.

This Adoption Campaign starts on April 30th

You can already join this campaign and start getting ready, all you need to do is Follow this link.

Start claiming Quests - don't worry, everything is explained thoroughly in that link - and get prepared for April 30.

Finish all the quests available to become eligible to finish the quests that will appear on April 30!

100k Hive Power Delegation for two communities

This is an open challenge for everyone:

If you are part of a community on Hive, you can also represent that community on this Adoption campaign.

The top 2 spots of the Leaderboard at the end of the campaign will win a 100k Hive Power Delegation for their community that will last six months.

How can you represent your community?

Make a Thread about it:

"I'm on Threads for the Adoption Campaign that starts on April 30, and I represent the xxxxx Community"

Save the link to that Thread. If you finish on the top2 spots of the leaderboard, we'll want easy access to that *thread so things stay transparent

Are you ready?

This initiative is open to every Hiver and every community, and any user can represent any community - and yes, several users can represent one community.

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