Relaunch of The Daily LEO + LeoFinance backing HPUD

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That's right folks, for more than two years @taskmaster4450 has been handling @thedailyleo and creating amazing compilations made of the most interesting and relevant news in the Crypto & Finance world. This was a task the master took with no upside for him other than helping the Leo Ecosystem grow and get stronger, and well, it definitely worked! Go follow him, he is one of the most prolific content creators in the whole Hive Blockchain.

With over 70 editions and more than three thousands subscribers, The Daily LEO has been one of the best initiatives on Leo Finance in terms of growth and effectivity: Almost 29% of the subs open the daily newsletter and check it out, and over 5% of them open a link.

These numbers might not tell you anything, but to a newsletter adept, they are incredible and the click through rate (CTA: the amount of people who interacted with the newsletter) is good so, first of all we want to thank @taskmaster4450 for initiating and championing this initiative for so long and setting The Daily LEO in the right path towards the moon!

It's funny, it was exactly two years ago that The Daily LEO was launched by @khaleelkazi and today, a team of ten Lions will give their best to help our newsletter grow and strengthen the overall LeoVerse (Leo Universe, get it? Do you like it?).

As of today, The Daily LEO will always go out at 8:00 PDT

That's right, we are committing to a specific time every single week day, both to start positioning the newsletter in the top of mind of our subs, making them get used to receiving that email at the same time every day, and also to make it easier for our ten different editors who will handle the newsletter twice a month.

The reasons we picked 8am PDT to send out the newsletter is because according to the data from Mailchimpā€™s Email Genome Project, which analyzes millions of email lists and billions of email addresses to glean insights about the global email ecosystem, that's the best time to maximize our clicks from our US and European audience:

So there you have it, we have a solid plan to grow our newsletter audience - which is not perfect, if you have any feedback or notes to share with us, please leave it in the comment section of write a discord message to @leogrowth#5452 - and to help the LeoVerse become an integral ecosystem with a lot going on for all interests within our community.

Subscribe to The Daily Leo and start being up to date with the crypto & finance world!

LeoFinance supports HPUD!

As most of you may know - and if you don't, where have you been living in for the past three months? -, Leo Power Up Day is now a thing, and we are exactly ten days away from celebrating the fourth edition of what has proven to be the most hyped initiative in the LeoVerse by far, but before LPUD existed, there was HPUD.

The Hive Power Up Day has been a thing for years now, and thanks to @traciyork it is a success month after month, year after year! If you are not following her yet, you should do so right now.

Anyway, HPUD was the inspiration for LPUD, and in order to show our support to this initiative that betters and strengthens the Hive ecosystem at a broader scale, @leofinance will start supporting the HPUD with a sponsorship in order to encourage more Hivers and Lions to join in!

This prize will be added for the HPUD October edition and will continue indefinitely! So make sure to be prepared for October 1st!

300 $LEO:$0.06 prize pool for HivePUD participants

That's right, we are giving away 100 $leo to three randomly picked winners who participate in HPUD following all the requirements explained in @traciyork's monthly post.

These requirements are simple:

  1. Your reputation must be above 39 and below 70 and your account must be in good standing with the community.

  2. Your total Hive Power (before the 1st) must be more than 100 and less than 8000.

  3. You must power up at least 10 Hive on September 1st (and must NOT be powering down).

  4. You must write a post about your power up on September 1st with the tag #hivepud (International) or #hpud (Hispanic) as one of your first 5 tags (tagging only in the body of the post doesn't count).

*Make sure to also check the monthly announcement in case there are any changes.

Any Hiver who fulfills these four requirements, AND USES THE LEOFINANCE TAG for the requirement number 4, will be eligible to win one of the three liquid $leo prizes, it's that simple!

Yeah, it is that simple.

Participate in every Hive Power Up Day and use the leofinance tag for your monthly post and you automatically become eligible to win one of the three 100 $leo prizes!

Anyway, that's it from our side today, make sure to subscribe to The Daily Leo, get ready for the next LPUD in September 15th, and after that, get ready for HPUD in October 1st!
All the liquid HBD from this post will be used to buy $leo to support different [community contests]( across the Hive Blockchain, so spare a vote!

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