Win InLeo Premium for a month!

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Make a post using InLeo - Win a Premium account for 1 month

It's as simple as that.

Remember InLeo is like any other frontend: You can post to every community and about any topic you want!

But first, let's talk about the benefits on publishing long form content through InLeo.

Evergreen Rewards

Say good bye to the seven day window where your content can generate rewards.

Every single post that you publish through InLeo will generate money for you forever.

How? Through clicks and views. The more people that read your content after the seven day content reward window, the more evergreen rewards you will receive.

Ad Revenue

All of the posts published through InLeo generate advertisement revenue through views.

This revenue goes straight into a reward pool that, once a month, is distributed to Leo Power holders.

Premium benefits

InLeo Premium costs 10HBD a month, and it is the most popular feature in the Lion's Den, we currently have more than 150 lions with Premium!

The revenue generated through the Premium feature goes straight into buying $HIVE and $LEO, and then pairing them together in a Liquidity Pool. The team doesn't take any percentage from this revenue.

This makes it so much easier to buy or sell $HIVE for $LEO tokens!

The features of having InLeo Premium are:

  • Orange checkmark next to your username
  • Enhanced Curation on Your Blog Posts made through InLeo
  • Priority in "For You" feeds
  • Edit threads after you post them
  • Add Bold, Italic and other "Markdown Styling" to your threads
  • Publish longer threads
  • Themes
  • Bookmark Folders

And all you have to do is post from InLeo!

This will support the Hive ecosystem and bring InLeo to the masses. The more eyes that comes to content InLeo, the more outside capital we will bring to the ecosystem 🚀

The Giveaway

All you have to do is publish at least one long form post using InLeo before January 31st, and you will become eligible to win one of the ONE HUNDRED premium accounts for a month!

We will pick the winners randomly, so everyone has a chance to win!

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