Happy LEO Power Up Day for September 15th

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Friday Buy Day 9/15: Leo Power Up Day for September

I bought my usual $16 USD worth of LTC on Coinbase.
Sent $14.40 USD in LTC(0.22538615 LTC) to SWAP.LTC and traded it for 49.58748592 SWAP.HIVE
Have a total of 52.40088166 SWAP.HIVE to reinvest this week.

I was able to buy 340 LEO and add it to the 5.255 already in my Hive Engine wallet for a total of
345.255 staked LEO.
That brings me to a total of 3,744.47 LEO Power As of today, I am only 255.53 away from my 1st goal of 4000 LEO Power.

Maybe next month I will reach that goal.

Don't forget to stake some LEO today.

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Posted Using LeoFinance Alpha