🐾 WILD ADVENTURE into the FOREST 🐾 ~ Wednesday Walk

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Hi all 👋🏻

As it is still winter-wonderland here ❄️☃️ and no sign of spring yet… let me share a walk up the mountain into the forest 🌳🌲without revealing where I am yet 😉 We found a lot of wildlife tracks and were surprised 😳 by which ones we found… 🐾🐾 join me today on our truly wild adventure 😎

With this post I’m joining in at the Wednesday Walk challenge and Make me Smile challenge. That are hosted by @tattoodjay and @elizacheng every week on Wednesday.

‼️Have a look: Here in the Wednesday Walk Community if you want to join in!… the community is run by @tattoodjay. Look at his last #wednesdaywalk. It will tell you also the rules of joining at the Wednesday walk posts 😁 come join us! It is fun!

Today’s selection will be of 35 PHOTOGRAPHS
Date: march 2024. The Photographs in this post are all taken with my phone 📱🤓 I will follow the time stamps on them. So it looks like you are experiencing my #adventures on this #walk, to 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 #discover everything what I saw, like the little #details seen through my eyes. 😊

Are you ready… let’s go for our walk 😊

We are following a path that we just can see… it disappeared mostly with the snow ❄️

We follow it here side ways along the mountain 🏔️

Tall trees 🌲 towering high above us. The sky is so beautiful BLUE 💙

It is a mixed forest with broadleaf trees and pine trees 🌲 🌳

Our path is getting steeper… 😊

The views are stunning.

I see some details… and capture them 🌳

Thinner and younger trees are bend during the winter when the snow is or was too heavy.

My FAVOURITE PHOTO of the day… the sun just peaking around the birch tree 🌳 we see lichen on its bark.

The path we followed…

Still climbing up the mountain going along the forest now as there is a large open space.

Suddenly I find tracks… this one is the human kind one hahaha 🤣 mine 👋🏻

But… next to this one… I find a rabbit 🐇 track. They leave tracks in the form of an Y So it is easy to tell it is a rabbit.
Pretty cool in the fresh snow ❄️

We find more tracks… 😎

Here if you look closely you see many tracks from different animals. From very small ones to larger animals.

Zooming out a bit more. So cool 😎

As we walk further we find a feline track 🐾🐾 it is much larger than all the other tracks around us.

I follow it a bit to find the perfect tracks to show you and tell you what animal made them 😊

The largest tracks coming towards you in this photo are from a LYNX

Here you can imagine it walking by…

If you don't know the LYNX have a look at this WIKIPEDIA page : LYNX!

For a visual I found the following photo also on this wikipedia page from the user “mpiet“

Isn’t this a majestic animal… I hope to see it one day and be able to capture it too. Especially now I know it roams around here 😊

Some other tracks.

The path we were following has disappeared now fully and we make our own path further along up the mountain. Hubby goes first now.

Our view, we are trying to get into the forest on the other side of this open area…

We see the air is very clean up here as those mosses and lichen only grow where the air is best.

We are sinking in further and further… the snow is really deep now. We cant find a path that is stable enough to carry us… 😳

It is really hard walking now.

Both of us are falling several times. We sink in all the way up till our bottoms 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 as you can see here hubby struggling to get out. In the foreground more attempts of getting out and finding new places we think we can walk…

We can’t stop laughing 😜 at this point… as much as we are trying to go ahead… our adventure up the mountain, into the forests 🌳 is coming to an end hahaha 🤣 the snow is deeper than our waist. As it is very fluffy under the surface and we saw some air pockets. We don’t want to get trapped in…

Rolling out is the only way hahaha 🤣

We are back tracking our foot steps now 😎 we both fall several times… 🤣😂 very hilarious I can tell you.
Luckily we made it out of the deep snow and are walking back down the mountain into the forest again.
I see some more tracks… and my shadow 😊

I take in all the other details next to me. I find this #fungi on the birch tree 🌳

Closer up 😊

We find some barns on the way down.

The snow is so high, it comes half way at the structure. No way to open the doors… 🚪

One more capture of the forest now we are out of it.

WOW this was a wild adventure… hahaha I hoped you liked coming along and had a laugh too. 😂🤣

…and here I say that’s all for today’s post my friends. Join me next time for more #updates, #adventures, #stories and #photographs 😎👋🏻
Even my own #artworks, once in a while, will come by” 🎨 Thank you so much for looking, and reading.

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Any questions or comments, let me know. Always happy to help.

Have a great Wednesday all 😎
Grtz Jackie

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