CALL TO ACTION Twitter Space❗️❗️ - Vibes WEEK 6 RESULT // WEEK 7 "April 2 - April 10"

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Just like last week we will be doing a call to action and rewarding our community with upvotes in the comment section. This week the winners announcement for week 6 will happen on our space organized on the Vibes account. You will find out if you won live on the show. 😎



  • Join us on the show today APRIL 2 at 7 PM CET.
    Click the spaces link for your timezone.

  • Stay for the whole show or as long as you can.

  • Screenshot and circle that you were there. If you screenshot and instantly leave, and I dont see you there for a part of the show, you will not get a reward. I will check. 😉

  • Post the screenshot in the comments on this post. We will upvote your comment.

Come represent Hive and earn while doing it.


Week 7 will run from 2nd of April till 10th of April 10 AM CET.

All submission rules stay the same but instead of saying "Vibes Web3 music competition week 6" at the start of the video, you will say "Vibes Web3 music competition week 7".😎

Prizes: 💸

1st: 500 USD and the soon to be coveted Vibes weekly trophy!
2nd: 250 USD
3rd: 150 USD
4th-6th place: 100 USD

ADDITIONAL: Potentially thousands of dollars worth of Hive upvotes! All payouts will happen in native stablecoin HBD (1:1 USD) that can be traded on internal market for Hive. Hive is listed on major exchanges like Binance. Weekly rewards are subject to change over time.

A fun little thing for week 6 are some awesome additional prizes curtesy of

He generously offered to donate 2 silver coins to the reward pool for this week. 😮

1st place, along with the cash prize, will win a "Roman Denarius" circa 300AD. 2nd place, along with cash prize, will win a "Canadian silver dollar" pre 1967.


New collab is happening next week with another music competition on Twitter. Stay tuned for that.
We will announce it tomorrow with the final results.