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Time to build those decks.

Lately I've been burning my Capture Rate, which is currently sitting at 46.07%, but I can't find a way to stop hitting the battle button regardless. Splinterlands is quite addictive, and the Chaos Legion set introduced so many powerful monsters that most players have to rethink their strategy and come up with new plans in order to keep climbing up the ranks.

Even though the Chaos Legion NFTs do not add that many points to one's Collection Power compared to previously released sets, there are some seriously bad boys and girls hidden in those Chaos Legion packs and all over the market these days. That means now is a good chance to build powerful decks.

Personally, even though I joined the game back in June 2018, I didn't take it seriously back then and only started paying attention during the last couple of months. This was not the first time I made a terrible crypto-related decision by the way, so please keep that in mind if you're reading my posts on a regular basis.

Looking back.

Starting out, I didn't own any NFTs and could only use standard cards, so it was really tough for me to gather rating points and complete daily quests. My Splinterlands-related income was basically zero, but I did stick around because I enjoyed the game. I started building my collection by completing daily quests, and I would buy some $DEC here and there in order to rent cards in hopes of reaching higher leagues and getting more loot chests.

Cards and packs were way too expensive back then, so I decided to wait until the release of the next set of cards in order to get my hands on some cheap NFTs from the market. Buying up packs was always part of the plan, but I didn't really feel like gambling with those, and I had already decided to just keep them unopened in order to capitalize on the daily $SPS airdrop, and hopefully hit higher resale value in the future.

Thanks to some sweet Epics delegated by the legendary @digital-fortress, I was able to start climbing up the ratings ladder and bagging more loot chests per season. $DEC rewards were getting bigger as I entered higher leagues, and the daily amount of airdropped $SPS was increasing steadily as I kept earning and buying more $DEC.

A few months in and it was all starting to snowball.

Pay to play to earn.

Even though I kept staking every tiny bit of $SPS I was receiving on a daily basis, my stake wasn't big enough to grant me substantial amounts of airdropped Voucher tokens, but even if it did, I still wouldn't have bought Chaos Legion packs during the Presale. I kept selling those Voucher tokens for Splinterlands Credits and waiting for the General Sale to commence, and I would have done the same thing regardless of the size of my in-game stake.

As soon as the General Sale was live, I bought up 100 Chaos Legion packs on the platform using Splinterlands Credits, and I have also grabbed another 25 packs from hive-engine so far, paid with $HIVE:$0.33 earned through blogging. This is what I love the most about Hive by the way: there are just so many ways to earn crypto and so many investment options around here, it's mind-blowing.

But this is material for another blog post.

Out of 125 Chaos Legion packs purchased, I've already opened 55, but I'm keeping the rest unopened, period. I must admit I got carried away by the dopamine boost and even spent funds on Alchemy and Legendary Potions. Now I prefer to just buy the cards I'm interested in directly, and I may keep adding a few more packs to my stack here and there just to increase my airdrop points and sell them later on for profit.

The waves will always come and go, so why not ride them?

Tricks to the trade.

The good thing is I managed to level up some decks and buy a couple level 2 Chaos Legion summoners, and this is the first time I play with level 3 cards in my possession. As a result, even though I only have 16,475 Collection Power which keeps me trapped in Silver III, my rating hit an all-time high of 2,231 a couple of hours ago.

This goes to show that Chaos Legion NFTs are really powerful on the battlefield.

I also bought some relatively cheap legendaries over the last couple of weeks using $DEC and Splinterlands Credits, as I believe those dudes and gals will be worth much more in the near future. Plus I can flex those while I remain trapped in the Silver Leagues and use them to dominate the local Splinterlands scene.

I mean look at these beauties!

My plan moving forward is to keep adding to pretty much all my Splinterlands-related asset categories, including cards, $SPS, $DEC and Chaos Legion packs. Staking and compounding $SPS, earning and stacking $DEC, and buying up Gold Foils from the market on a daily basis is what I will be doing around here over the course of the next few months.

Adding a few Chaos Legion packs mainly from hive-engine is on my to-do list as well, and it looks like I will have plenty of time until Chaos packs sell out.

Or maybe not.

Fun comes first.

Adding another 23,525 power to my collection in order to unlock Silver II tier will take time, and I am not in a rush. I'm just here to smash some Silver III folks and get what's mine. I enjoy this game a lot, and I love the fact that I can also use it to build passive income streams and take advantage of some solid investment opportunities.

With more and more people entering the fray on a daily basis and so much in the works for 2022, I believe we have seen nothing yet from Splinterlands and $HIVE:$0.33. Let's keep shaping the future.

That sums it all up for now.

Never forget!


I'm just a random guy with opinions. This is by no means financial advice. Just my personal thoughts and experiences.

Have a good one everyone! @lordneroo

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