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Hi there I hope you are doing well. Currently we are getting soulbound reward cards and also getting summoners like Franz Ruffmane, Eternan Brune, Lobb Lowland, Pembrook Nymph, Octavia Shadowmeld and Helios Matriarch. These summoners has specific abilities such as -2 shield, +1 health, -1 speed etc. And one unique ability is it will allow you to use one gladiator card in the battle. This is useful for those who are playing guild brawals and has some powerful gladiator cards.

Users getting these cards in good quantity so that mean it is good opportunity to build deck. You just have to gather summoners and level them up and after that check the summoner's stats and level up your other cards as well according to that summoner stats. I hope we will get better price of soulbound cards in future and there is high possibility of it and we will talk about reasons in this post.

My favorite reward cards was ruler of the seas, spirit miner, sand worm and furious chicken and you know these cards really very special and they are available in high price. I had win lots of battles by using these cards and this way we can think about soulbound reward cards so let's say you have leveled up some soulbound reward cards so you can expect the good return after 2 to 2.5 years later. The reward cards that I mentioned above were cheapest but now you can see that these cards are valuable.

Why soulbound reward cards price will be good?

Let's talk about the first reason, So as you know that soul bound reward cards are not available for sell so users can't dump these cards. You can sell them when they will be out of print and you already know that the price of the cards whose print runs out increases. So I think this would be good reason for high price of these cards.

Now the abilities of these cards are really great and as I above said, soulbound summoners has special ability which allow you to add one gladiator card. Why it is important because gladiator card is really powerful monster and using one of them will definitely improve your ranked battle skill so because of this thing, this ability helpful.


At the end, things will be good for sure. Splinterlands user who is here from long term is know the potential of splinterlands assets. I am not the person who invested in every thing of splinterlands but I have missed some things and land plot is one of them. Thankfully I have bought the sps node validator license otherwise I would not have been the owner of this precious thing. Yes I spent my sps but in return I have got the good thing as well and in fact it is better than this. So best investment is important than good investment right ? And that is what I have followed. Anyway I Hope you liked the information that I have shared here. must reblog and share it.


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