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This photo shared by chairman of RPG enterprise and he is super bullish on crypto even after this disaster in crypto. Other side people like chetan bhagat whom many people follow spreading wrong perception about crypto. This prove that RPG enterprise chairman harsh goenka know the value of crypto technology. The best thing is this tweet caught attention of many twitter users and became a popular because crypto is always controversial and hot topic in india.

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So the thing is why most of the indian people see crypto currency as a bad thing? Most of them believe that this is just gambling. Obviously media playing major role here for example, whenever centralized crypto exchange do scam and people loss their fund or let's say any exchange is hacked then those media people create headline like "bitcoin scammed or 10000$ worth bitcoin hacked" or "bitcoin scammed a person" or "bitcoin funding terrorism" ETC.

You know these types of catchy headlines stuck in mind and slowly it makes wrong perception towards crypto for new users even those headlines are wrong. They don't know bitcoin is decentralized and it can never be hacked and bitcoin never do scam but centralized exchange can do scam. Similarly, bitcoin is transperant and paper money is not and paper money is non traceable so there is more possibility of terror funding by paper money. Media should know the technology behind crypto and blockchain but they are sharing things without proper reserach and sharing wrong information to followers. Even sometime they do write truth in content but their catchy clickbait headlines are playing bad role. Not all people read whole article, similarly not all people watch the full video, they just see headlines.

Not only media people but some centralized projects are the real enemy. Even common person like me can make own crypto. I am living in gujarat and many people have done this. They just created their own cryptocurrency and then launched the chain(referral) system and this way they raised millions of money and scammed those people. Similarly, some exchanges and fund raising project played bad role here.

Bitcoin fluctuates a lot and that is why people believe that this is gambling. They believe that add hundred dollar in morning and you will earn 15$ till night. Reason behind fluctuation is whales who have lots of fund and power they are capable to move bitcoin price and crypto market is still new and it is not big like forex and stock and there is no regulation. When the market will grow and there will be mass adoption, We will definitely see improvement.

Now come to the "crypto chaiwala (crypto tea seller)" I have shared all these things because I want to show you that how indian people treat crypto. So now just imagine, in country like india common tea seller accepting crypto as a payment method, How much awareness will this spread. Even non crypto person will know about crypto when he go to that tea stall. So this is the way to spread awareness towards crypto and this is what I liked most.


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