RE: RE: An XLSref Investigation: Testing Excel's VAR()

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It was cheap.

I had been using LibreOffice Calc at home, but I needed to translate menus between Calc at home and Excel at work. Many elements werent where I expected them to be.

I wasn't going to pay full price for the latest version of Excel, but I wasn't going to copy some version, either. So I went old-school and bought Excel 2000 at eBay. Eventually I "upgraded" to Excel 2003.

For most of what I do, Excel 2003 is enough. However, at some point I will need to "upgrade" to Excel 2007 since there are a few things Excel 2003 just can't do.

I still use LibreCalc occasionally, but most people I know or have encountered are familiar with Excel. So I went back to Excel.

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