Short Post: Let's Make the First 140 Characters Count!

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Unless we're like @taskmaster4450, @edicted, or @bitcoinflood, we only have the 1st 140 characters to get a reader's attention. Let's make the first 140 charactercount!

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Why are these 1st 140 Character So Important?

✔️ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Outside LeoFinance

If our post makes it to Page 1 on the search engine, that search result is the first chance anyone has to consider giving our post a chance. That space takes up between 120 and 140 characters. As in real estate, location is important, especially these first characters.

This location is the perfect place to include keywords people may use to find our post. Posts have one H1, and it helps to repeat the H1 within the first 140 characters. This helps the post do better in search rankings than it would otherwise.

✔️ Attracting Readers at LeoFinance and on Hive

When we publish our posts, we have a short time to grab people's attention before our post falls down the feed lists due to time as well as trends (or their lack).

In the feeds, any Markdown or HTML in the first 140 characters appears as raw code. Even if there are good reasons for using that code, the first 140 characters is not the place for them. I learned this the hard way, and it can be seen in the annotated composite image above.

✔️ Like a Resume, Impressions Matter

"You never get a second chance at a first impression."

We've heard this expression in many ways, and it tends to be true. The vast majority of resumes are scanned in just seconds before the reviewer "sets it aside" or decides to review it further.

It's the same way with our posts. While we're not guaranteed an audience, we should do things to give ourselves a better chance at growing an audience.

Just My Two Sats

None of us are guaranteed readers, never mind their upvotes. However, some things we do-- even if we need to do them-- will turn off readers who find our posts either externally or in the various Hive feeds.

The first 140 characters-- half the length of a buzz at D.Buzz-- of any post we publish occupy precious digital real estate. We need to make those golden 140 characters count to gain as many readers as we can. Not that we will, but wasting those characters guarantees us fewer readers or even none.

Using the first 140 characters properly helps our posts do better with search engines. They also help us attract readers when they first appear on Hive feeds. For this reason, we need to treat these first 140 characters as if we were writing a resume for a hiring manager.

If we do this right, we may be on the road to being bloggers like @taskmaster4450, @edicted, or @bitcoinflood.

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