GEM METEOR - the Choas of an extraterrestrial entity in Splinterlands

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What’s up Splinterlands warriors!

First of all, I wish a happy weekend to all of my fellow splinterlands players and I hope all of you are enjoying the weekend on full! But meanwhile, the click is ticking and the precious time is passing by so don’t forget completing your splinterlands tasks in meantime. Only 10 days and 21 hours remaining for this current season to end and I have already reached Diamond II today so will get more loot chests from quest rewards if I hold this position. The dec rewards are a little but increased today as I got around 45 dec per win in Diamond II at 100% ECR and without any alpha or gold foil cards. But I really miss those days when we used to get way more dec and the DEC price itself was high at that moment. So waiting for another major pump in splinterlands and most probably the future land update will fulfill that wish for me.

Now, let us take our quick peak at the crypto market to get updated with the current market scenario. The king BTC is Currently experiencing a sweet uptrend since last couple of days and currently being traded for 41,457.93$ per unit with a +6.33% price change in last 7 days. The other giant ETH is also following the uptrend and currently being sold for 2,862.88$ with a whooping +11.04% price change in last 7 days. Our hive is also performing quite well and currently being sold for 0.9064$ per unit with a +5.63% price change in last 7 days.

Now, lets take a turn to the splinterlands token market to experience how they are performing right now. The main in-game token DEC is currently facing a downtrend and being traded for 0.90277$ per unit with a -10% price change in last 7 days. The governance token of Splinterlands, SPS is losing it’s value with a bad rate and currently being sold for 0.1003$ per unit with a -9.03% price change in last 24 hours. Vouchers however has been stable around 1$ for some time now and currently being traded for 1.046$.

Now, as we have seen the market now, let us move towards the battleground cause today, I will be showcasing another Jaw Dropping chaos monster with you all, GEM METEOR!

Not all the monsters that lives on splinterlands have it’s origin linked to it. Some creatures are also there who travelled here from far away, sometimes from other unexplored lands and sometimes beyond the planet🌏. One of them is Meteor gem and as you have already guessed by it’s name, this different looking life form came into splinterlands from across the galaxy. Well, They were just space rocks until the choas leader UUL breathed life into these lifeless galactic stones and made a new chaos warrior, GEM METEOR. unlike most others, It can fly high throu the sky and can lunch deadly attacks by throwing crystals from it’s body to whoever is unfortunate enough and crosses it’s path.

GEM METEOR is an epic edition chaos card that belongs to the neutral unit. It costs 5 mana to use this monster into battlefield and it’s attack type is range. Let us now take a deep dive and find out more about this monster torr wise.


At level 2, this card possesses 1 range attack at 5 speed with 5 health along with Scattershot ability. Due to this ability, this monster will attack any enemy monster randomly every round.


At level 3, this card gets 2 range attack at 5 speed with 5 health along with the scattershot ability. At silver tier, the increased range power will help to kill enemy monsters on faster rate.


At level 5, this card possesses 3 range attack at 5 speed with 5 health and also gets another ability - Piercing. Due to the piercing ability, whenever this monster breaks an enemy monster’s armour, the remaining damage will affect enemy’s health.


At level 6, this monsters gets jacked up with 4 range attack at 5 speed with 5 health along with those 2 abilities that I mentioned above. The massive 4 range power with high health for 5 mana itself is a good deal. So without a doubt, this card becomes a predator at max level.

Important points about Gem Meteor

  • First of all, let’s look at it’s speed. At level 1, this card holds 4 speed and from level 2 to max, it holds 5 speed. The high speed enables you to attack faster in every round and damage or kill enemy monsters before they can attack.

  • The high range attack power will also help you in small to medium mana ruleset matches where it can kill down decent health monsters faster. Having 4 range attack at max level, it can even kill down some enemies with its one blow.

  • The importance of piercing ability can not be avoided as well. Piercing ability really works great when your enemy monsters are wearing shields. It will directly affect the health with its remaining attack whenever it successfully breaks a monster’s shield.

  • About scattershot ability, thou it targets a random enemy monster every round, you can use this monster under certain circumstances to gain benefit. In today’s match, I used this monster mainly to destroy a random enemy’s divine shield.


Gem Meteor is currently being sold in the splinterlands market for 0.91$ per BCX and onwards and will cost you 325.581 DEC. There is also a max Gem Meteor (level 6, 46 bcx) available at the market currently for only 43.65$ and will cost 15,618 DEC approx.

Battle Line-up

Battle Link: Click here

mana Cap: 24

Splinters allowed: Fire, Water, Earth, Death and Dragon.


  • Holy Protection - All monsters will get divine shield in this match.

  • Odd ones Out - No monster with even mana cost can be used in this match.


I choose the serpentine soldier at the first place of my lineup mainly because of its shield + evade ability along with the high-speed. It generally evades at least one or two attacks in battles or else consume high attacks and get low damage due to it’s shield ability. It also damage back enemy attackers with it’s thorns ability whenever it gets targets by melee monsters. I am using a level 8 in here and it has 3 melee attack at 6 speed with 1 armour and 7 health along with Shield, Evade and Thorns ability.


I selected the Flame monkey at my second position mainly because of it’s swift + repair ability. Both of my lineup ends will be filled with shield bearing monsters so flame monkey will repair their shields every round if they get damaged. I am using a level 10 in here and it has 1 melee attack at 5 speed with 3 health along with Repair and Swift ability.


I chose lava spider at the third position of my lineup mainly because of it’s sniper attack style + poison ability as I have to clear divine shield from all enemy monsters, sniper attack with blast damage will do it best. I am using a level 10 in here and it has 2 range attack at 4 speed with 6 health along with sniper, snare and poison ability.


I chose the Gem Meteor at the fourth place of my lineup and I chose this monster particularly for it’s scattershot ability. If it attacks the enemy area where my melee or snipers cant reach, I will revoke all the divine shields faster and will also bring more damage to opponent. I am using a level 6 here and it has 4 range attack at 5 speed with 5 health along with scattershot and piercing ability.


I used the Fire Beetle at the last place of my lineup mainly because of it’s sniper ability + shield. Its sniper attack with blast ability will bring more splash damage to opponents and also it’s shield will protect it from probable sneak attacks. I am using a level 10 here and it has 3 range attack at 3 speed with 2 armour and 6 health along with the sniper ability.

Match Result

Well, it was a medium mana ruleset match this time and all the monsters will get divine shield protection. So, my first priority was to remove all the divine shields from enemy cards as soon as possible. I put my trust after Zaku summoner’s blast ability and sniper monsters. I considered Sniper monsters here because in most cases, the first non melee attacker most probably stays in middle of anyone’s lineup so my snipers will attack 3 enemy cards at once.

However, as the match got revealed, I found out that my opponent has also used Zaku summoner against me and unlike me, he filled all of his 6 places with gruesome monsters. Just like me, he also used Serpentine Soldier at his front, followed by Aganju, Creeping Ooze, Goblin Shaman, Flame Monkey and Ferexia General at the end. Now, lets experience how the battle goes..

As round one starts, The enemy serpentine soldier attacked first but missed its attack on my serpentine. The enemy goblins Shaman attacked next and took away my serpentine and monkey’s divine shield. My servant and attacked after words and to cover differential from both the enemy serpentine soldier and Aganju. My Gem meteor attacked next and as exactly as I wished, it targeted the Feraxia General and took away divine shield from both the General and Monkey. The Ferexia attacked next and killed my monkey and also took divine shield away from lava spider and meteor. The enemy aganju attacked next damaged both my soldier and lava spider, but got dead by return thorns damage from my soldier. Both My lava spider and fire beetle attacked next and targeted the enemy goblin shaman. The dual blast damage caused the enemy money it’s life and both the goblin shaman and ooze was left with only 1 health.

Within round 1, I successfully killed 2 of my opponent’s monsters and after the second round starts, The enemy soldier again attacked up on my servant time and damaged both my serpentine and lava spider, but my soldier also damaged it back with thorns damage. The enemy Goblin Shaman attacked next and made my soldier’s health down to 3 and the lava spider’s health down to 2 only. My soldier attacked next but unluckily missed its attack as well. After that, my Gem Meteor attacked and this time, it killed down both the Goblin Shaman and the Creeping Ooze and damaged down the Ferexia’s health down to 3. My lava spider attacked next and finally killed down the ferexia and also caused damage to the enemy serpentine. Lastly, my Fire Beetle attacked but it also missed it’s target against the enemy serpentine.

At the beginning of third round, only one card was left on the enemy side, the wounded Serpentine with 6 health. As the round started, my serpentine attacked first but missed its attack. The enemy serpentine attacked next and brought down my serpentine’s health down to 2 and the lava’s down to 1, but also received damage from my serpentine’s thorns. My gem meteor attacked next and again damaged the serpentine with remaining 2 health. But then, both my lava spider and fire beetle missed their attacks upon the serpentine and the match went to round 4.

At round 4, I was biting my nails out to see which of the serpentine attacks first, having same speed. And gladly, mine did the first attack and finally killed down the fastest soldier in splinterlands and thus achieved the victory in this match!

Woot, that was an intense match for sure as it the enemy soldier would have attacked first and killed my soldier, things would have turned other ways 😹

Anyways, do you love this New Gem Meteor chaos card or prefer other options first? Let me know feeling in the comments below and I will be meeting you all in my next post.

Wish you all good luck on all of your future Splinterlands matches.

Thanks for visiting my post.

Stay well and keep playing Splinterlands.

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