Why I am Bullish on SPS ? My SPS staking progress

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Hello readers,

For me, Splinterlands is not just a game anymore and after playing this amazing game for almost 4 + years it has become an important part of my life and without it, I will feel incomplete. Since my junior school days, when I first touched a pc, gaming has become my one an only way of entertainment and even in this crypto space, I have seen and played many games but never have I ever come something close to what this game offers to it’s players. I have seen many gaming related crypto projects come an go in these years and many of them didn't even run for 1 year, for some it was not even a week, but for this game, it’s running well since 2018 and even after surviving multiple bear seasons and other small and big issues (not to mention the recent incident where 6 million SPS and 8 million DEC were stolen from old hot wallets used in bridges), the game is still running well and strong more than ever. This game not only possesses a large scale of players and investors, but actually is able to turn them into believers who knows what this projects’s true potential is. Thus, they stay unaffected from nay type of sudden bad news and just focus on the long term.

Splinterlands is not just a mere game now, instead it has become a platform with numerous opportunities to earn. It has different types of gameplays (ranked, tournaments and brawls, soulkeep also coming soon) with separate reward pools so the same cards that you use to play in ranked format can also be used in the other 2 formats as well to earn even more. But not only that, it also has it’s own in-game reward and governance token SPS which can be staked in the game and the stakers gets liquid SPS and voucher tokens as staking rewards. Moreover, the staked SPS in one’s account defines the power he possesses to vote the proposals and unlike any centralized project or company, the users take decisions here collectively through their staked SPS voting power to weather to support or reject a upcoming update proposals of the game and this decides the future of the game. The more staked SPS one possesses, the more voting power he gets, so that’s one great use case for staking SPS apart from getting staking rewards and certain perks and this proposal voting thing makes big investors and whales crazy to stake more and more for the project they trust and truly loves, such a great example of a decentralisation system right.

As an old player, investor and a strong believer myself, I also feels the need of staking SPS and over a long time, I am staking almost all my SPS earnings into the staked wallet and also bought liquid SPS from market a few times and staked them to increase my staled amount even further. Thou I am mainly focused into playing the game and always stay occupied buying cards one by one into my playing account, my second top priority was always to increase my staked SPS and I also set a goal for myself to stake at least 100k SPS before it’s price flies beyond my capacity. Unlike DEC, which was the main token of this game till the launch of SPS and had basically no limit in total printing, the total no of SPS is limited and as a result, as time passes and more and more people acquire and stake SPS into their accounts, the scarcity of this token will increase over time. The game is designed in such a way that in order to unlock your full earning potential, one must have to stake a certain amount of SPS respecting which league they are playing. Already, in order to be eligible playing tournaments, you need to have a certain amount of staked SPS into your account and the higher league tournament you want to play, the more staked SPS you need. The same mechanism is applied on the format you want to play where playing a wild format tournament requires much more Staked SPS than modern ones and obviously the rewards are also bigger. As they stated in recent AMAs, soon there will be a new rule in where the CP (collection power) will be replaced with staked SPS as a threshold of which league you can play. So, it’s an open secret that the value of SPS will experience a strong pump after this update takes place.

I am also on my mission to achieve my goal of staking 100k SPS into my account so that I can stay unaffected with these types of future update and also create a steady flow of earning source from staking rewards. Recently I crossed another milestone of my grand goal as I have successfully staked 70k SPS into my account. And thanks to the reward system of Splinterlands which helped me to reach till here. I play all these 3 different types of gameplay on regular basis now and staking all the SPS that I earn from ranked, tourney and brawl into my staked account and and also restake all the SPS that I earn from staking the token. Thus, I keep increasing my SPS by a little everyday and all the little additions is helping to to increase my staked amount gradually over time and within last month, I am able to increase my staked amount by around 5000 more. I will keep doing the same practice until I reach my goal and gladly, I have covered over 70% already and don't think it will require much more time from here to achieve the rest 30%. Currently the value of SPS has experienced a little decline as it has come down from it’s recent high and right now trading for only 0.025$ per unit. So, I think it’s a great time to buy and will try if I can manage some funds and buy some liquid SPS from hive-engine market.

I hope you liked reading my post and if this post inspires you towards the game even a little or to stake some SPS, I will be more than happy to know about it. So, feel free to let me know your views and thoughts in the comments below and I will be seeing you all in my next post.

Wish you all good luck on all of your future Splinterlands matches.

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Stay well and keep playing Splinterlands.

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