SplinterZine #77 – February 15th – 2024

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Welcome Splinterlands folks, returning to your favorite magazine and some community highlights!

Guilds are indispensable for those who play Splinterlands. The concept of community grows even stronger when you are a participant and fight for your guild to be the winner!

In addition to the benefits that a guild can offer, in a Guild Battle, many prizes are available to the winners.

@axelx12 has created a guide about guilds that you need to know. He highlights some important points, meticulously detailed, which will help when a newcomer joins a guild!

Guilds Basics - Splinterlands Social Media

Starting a new adventure is exciting but also a bit confusing. Getting help to better understand a new universe is very important, after all, there's nothing like the insight of someone who already knows what we want to explore!

Starting in Splinterlands might be a challenge for newcomers, but you can rely on the community's help. Members are always creating great tutorials to assist those who are just arriving.

If you're new here or know someone who is, this post is ideal for understanding the possible earnings in Splinterlands! @michupa highlights some key points about the financial aspects of the game very well.

How to make money in Splinterlands? Tips for beginners! [EN/PT]

Would you like to succeed in Splinterlands? Some players are sharing valuable tips out there!

@mercurial9 highlights some insights that players need to have to progress in Splinterlands. Among these pieces of advice, those that stand out are reinvesting earnings, building a network, and fostering a sense of community.

Take advantage of these tips and read everything in more detail in their Social Media Challenge post!

All New Players Should Adopt Only This Tip To Succeed in Splinterlands | Splinterlands #342

Splinterlands players are becoming increasingly studious, and the reason for this is obvious: everyone wants to win more battles.

The best way to build a good deck for a battle is to know well which cards make good combos with others. By studying and keeping an eye on the best results, the statistics speak for themselves.

@bravetofu makes good comparisons of cards from the Untamed edition of the earth element and their synergy with cards from the Rebbelion edition. It's worth checking out!

Untamed x Rebellion Synergies | Earth Splinter | Splinterlands

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