Hive outreach how to reach the two types of newbies on web2

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Have you start your zealy campaign? Are you contemplating how to reach newbies and bring them to hive community? If your answer is yes then you're at the right place, I'm no OG here just been around for couple of years but my experience in the web3 world have been a quite interesting adventure, the crypto space have always been a good  channel of reaching more users I've interacted with the crypto space for years and it has become and a good source of income part of my daily quest is to interact with this incredible space daily to keep up with latest world latest innovations in web3.

Today marks a remarkable day here in hive community with the brand new campaign promote hive 5,000 HBD price pool host by @leofinance, well if you're just seeing this now it means you're not late to the party to compete in the leaderboard ranking.

To draw some few points from the above campaign post much emphasis was prioritise on Users retention which actually is a key factor to be considered in this campaign, it will be a futile effort if over 400 new users are rallied daily without retaining a good percentage of these users.

Lightning sign up

One of the biggest challenges faced for years in web3 social platforms is quick sign up features getting onboard on hive could be quite challenging for none crypto savvy users especially those security keys makes new users to give up their quest for web3 now that it's out of the way with Google and X feature easy sign up we can start strong and even surpass our target user reach of 450 daily users.

I've over the years help lots of newbies set up an account on hive which is quite great but what happens next matters alot who will be there to support them when they put up their first post here on web3?. Will these newbies keep posting with little to no upvotes to keep them motivated what actually propel them to join hive is it the privacy or the money aspect of hive? |

These questions lead to the types of newbies we could be facing during the campaign those with privacy motive and those with financial motives.

Types of newbies and why they join hive

Its quite interesting to know people join either a community or any group for a reason it's no different here as well in the web3 social world.

There are those who join for......

  1. Financial freedom newbie; now this set of newbies at some point careless about security, privacy and decentralization their motive behind joining the community is making some cool cash. Retaining such users could be very difficult few days of posting in the community without encouraging upvotes they will completely loss interest in web3.

  2. Privacy Prioritized newbie; this type of newbie don't really care much about generating income they are concerned about their data bring such type of users from web2 can be very easy such users ask few question and boom they are eager to sign up and start protecting their privacy.

  3. Engagement newbies; these class of newbies just want to explore web3 meet new users and along have fun with their creative content such type of users are also easy to retain long term they can in some ways be categorized in type one and two kind of newbies.

While it's hard to quickly decide what type of newbie you're reaching out to especially when reaching wide users on web2 we could explain the word **Hive to them in a strategic manner and term they would be curious about.

What is hive in newbie term

Have you ever had experience of explaining what bitcoin meant to a newbie? If yes you would relate how complex it is to explain terms like decentralization, miners, immutability and more to such curious newbie.

Hive is no different it's a complete different space to those in web2 world explaining hive to them could be a bit difficult as well it all depends on what such newbie want.

What is hive to a financial freedom newbie

For a financial freedom seeking newbie explaining hive to them needs few terms like blockchain technology that pays to write content the world Pays to write content will make them curious and want to pay more attention to what hive blockchain is all about bombarding them with terms like blockchain, decentralization, immutable will make them less curious about hive. Further explaining curation and delegation, hive engine and token will even make them more curious about hive blockchain.

Hive to a privacy centred newbie

For this type of users you will need to understand and break the word hive blockchain, decentralization, digital currencies and dapps, hive keys (posting, active, owner's keys, memo keys and so on) explain what transparency and security in hive blockchain is all about engagement type of newbie can also fall in this category when explaining what hive is.

In general term hive blockchain is part of a new technological landscape that's changing the way we handle digital assets and information using decentralized blockchain technology and incentivise by rewarding authors with digital currency through different decentralized applications.

Its easier to attract a newbie when you know the type of class they fall into overall retain those newbies is what really matters mostly encouraging them around with some good engagement and follow will boost their confidence and time worth spending in the web3 world.

With two class of newbies explained I hope we find this post quite useful and use it as a tipping guide to reach more users out here!

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