3 Must have cards before the Splinterlands bull market

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The bear market took a toll on my deck as I had to sell many cards for short to cover my personal expenses, I explained in much greater detail in this post. However, since Chaos Legion packs have gone out of sale on the internal market, it’s safe to say we can start experiencing some repricing in individual Chaos Legion cards especially as the bear market is wrapping up.

In this post, I share the *top 3 gold foil cards I’m holding into the bull market and why. Let’s go!*🚀🚀

Dark Ha’On

First on my list is the Legendary GF Dark Ha’on. I know it’s not Chaos Legion, but still it’s too hot to ignore. It’s a card I’ve been watching for close to 2 years now. Massive on both attack and Defence due to its ability that increases its damage and life when activated. It is best at its highest level when it has Void, Magic reflect and Scavenger ability. It’s almost untouchable and just wouldn’t die easily.

It is presently listed for $340 on the market and it has 220 pieces in circulation. Back in 2021 at the bull run when Splinterlands hit $200m in market cap for the first time, many card prices pumped and duly so, this card was going easily for $4k and before the bull run it was barely worth $100. So what do you think will happen in the next bull run now that it is only worth $340?


Next must hold card into the bull run from the Chaos Legion set is the GF Legendary Harklaw, it is a good Defence card, works well on the front lines, it’s good at absorbing damage due to its life and shield. It doesn’t take a lot to max it out, it is used best when combined with a summoner with reflect buffer.

It is presently cost $33 and can easily go above $200 in a bull run. Speaking of, maybe I should just put the cards I want to sell in the bull market for sale already so that when the rush starts to happen I’ll already be in the front line….I’m just thinking, because I see a lot of cards already being listed that way.


For an earth summoner, FernHeart is the next best summoner since Mylor Crowling. For me, Mylor Crowling is the best earth summoner for obvious reasons, it’s thorn buffer ability is both an offensive and defensive ability that can only be countered by a full magic monsters enemy line. However, having an extra life buffer has never gone wrong.

FernHeart has a unique ability called Close Range that allows your monsters to perform ranged attack from first position, so you think you have a ranged monster that can deal a lot damage and will survive the first line? Bring it on, infact, bring all your ranged monsters outside when using this summoner and watch your gameplay tor a different winning turn.

So I think these cards will do well price wise during the bull run my plan is to hold at least one of these into that time and see what I could get off them. It’s been fun holding and discovering their wonderful abilities but I won’t hold on the chance to let them have new owners when it comes.

There are also others like Grum Fireblade, Iza the Fanged, Djinn Oshanus that I didn’t mention, maybe I’ll do another list and add these ones.

What are the top 3 cards you’re riding to the moon? Kindly share in the comments

Thanks for reading.

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